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CONNECT. I SS U E 2 2 0 1 6 WELCOME TO CONNECT. THANKS FOR TAKING A LOOK AT OUR NEWSLETTER. THIS IS JUST THE SECOND ISSUE, SO ITS EARLY DAYS AND WE’RE CERTAINLY OPEN TO ANY FEEDBACK YOU HAVE ON HOW WE CAN KEEP IMPROVING IT. 03 EXPORT WASTE 04 MP VISIT Our business environment is changing quickly and consequently we are evolving too, which may present new opportunities for us to work together. We therefore feel it’s important to keep in touch with you and let you know about some of the things we are up to at our Teesside freight logistics terminal on Teesport. The last few months have been particularly exciting; our container haulage and storage operation continues to grow, we’re now operating in a new market serving the waste from energy sector with export refuse derived fuel (RDF) and we’ve won further awards within our industry. We’ve just opened our new Ironmasters Park facility, which has created some new partnerships with some new tenants moving onto the site. We’ve also relocated some existing tenants as part of a wider plan to free up space on our quayside to cater for the increasing cluster of offshore businesses that want to operate from our North Sea Supply Base. With our 215-tonne Rosenkranz crane back in action after a full refurbishment we’re really starting to promote our capabilities for the UK offshore and project sectors. We recently redefined our values as Safety, Integrity, Family & Resourceful. A comprehensive programme to embed these values is underway and over the coming months you will see physical evidence of our commitment to this. As ever, it’s our people and the commitment and relationships they have with our customers that makes the difference, and I’m grateful to all of them for what they do. Best wishes Gary Dawson, Managing Director 05 287 TONNE LIFT 06 STEEL CONTRACT 07 NEW TRAILERS 08 NEW £1.5M SITE OPENS 09 SUPPORTING OUR COMMUNITY 11 AV DAWSON- OUR TEAM IN THIS ISSUE 02

Safety Integrity Family Resourceful NEW MARKETS FOR EXPORT WASTE 3M TONNE EXPORT WASTE MARKET NEW EXPORT WASTE CONTRACTS REDUCE UK L ANDFILL WHILE OPENING UP NEW MARKETS FOR AV DAWSON Freight logistics expert AV Dawson is expanding into the waste sector after winning new contracts to export waste from Teesside to mainland Europe. AV Dawson will be working with some of the region’s waste management businesses and their overseas brokers to export a fuel generated from waste, known as RDF (refuse-derived fuel), to key markets in Northern Europe. The business is providing distribution support, including transportation and shipping, from its Teesside freight handling facility in Middlesbrough. The rising cost of landfill disposal has been a main contributing factor to the sudden emergence of the English RDF export market, which has experienced significant growth over the last three years; from zero in June 2010 to an estimated 3.3m tonnes in 2015. Gary Dawson, managing director at AV Dawson said: “We have been gearing up for this opportunity for some time and while forecasters suggest the market is likely to slow, we are still anticipating steady growth. “We had our first RDF shipments through our facility in May and have been working closely with our customers to develop the operation for future growth. Initially, we are expecting two ships per month, with each ship carrying 2,500 tonnes of waste – the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. At this volume, the operation is expected to divert around 60,000 tonnes away from UK landfill each year, so equivalent to 20 Olympicsized swimming pools.” The RDF, which is produced by shredding and dehydrating plastics and biodegradable waste using waste converter technology, is packed into bales approximately 1- metre square, before being transported to energy-from-waste plants where it is burnt to generate energy. With a lack of available energy-from-waste treatment capacity in the UK, RDF producers are taking advantage of spare capacity in the wider European market, particularly Scandinavia. AV Dawson has invested in its facilities to support the new operation; acquiring an environmental licence, investing in specialist cranes and planning a purpose-built waste pad so waste can be stored safely on site. Gary continued: “We’ve worked with our customers from an early stage to help shape this project, which not only demonstrates the strength of our relationships, but it also gave us the opportunity to provide added value by inputting our expertise to ensure the logistics are as safe and efficient as possible. “We can provide a really comprehensive service from our base here in Middlesbrough. We also have our own ships agency on site, which is part of the AV Dawson group, so we are able to charter ships, provide port agency services and deliver a seamless operation between road, land and sea to the end customer. “With the fluctuations in the steel market this opportunity has come at an ideal time for our business as it gives us another market to diversify into. We’re already doing a lot of work in the renewables sector so expanding into the waste-to-energy market is a logical next step.” Keep up to date with our latest news on our... W 03

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