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MOTION FOR A EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT RESOLUTION on the 2016 Commission Report on the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (2016/2310(INI)) The European Parliament, – having regard to the Presidency conclusions of the Thessaloniki European Council of 19-20 June 2003 concerning the prospect of the Western Balkan countries joining the Union, – having regard to the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the European Communities and their Member States, of the one part, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, of the other part 1 , – having regard to the Framework Agreement concluded at Ohrid and signed at Skopje on 13 August 2001 (Ohrid Framework Agreement, ‘the OFA’), – having regard to the European Council’s decision of 16 December 2005 to grant the country the status of candidate for EU membership, to the European Council conclusions of June 2008, and to the conclusions of 13 December 2016, which received the support of the overwhelming majority of delegations, – having regard to the 13th meeting of the Stabilisation and Association Committee between the country and the Commission, held in Skopje on 15 June 2016, – having regard to the Commission communication of 9 November 2016 entitled ‘EU Enlargement Policy’ (COM(2016)0715), accompanied by the Commission staff working document entitled ‘The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2016 Report’ (SWD(2016)0362), – having regard to the Commission’s June 2015 Urgent Reform Priorities for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, – having regard to the political agreement (the so-called ‘Przhino Agreement’) reached between the four main political parties in Skopje on 2 June and 15 July 2015, and the four-party agreement on its implementation of 20 July and 31 August 2016, – having regard to the Final Declaration by the Chair of the Paris Western Balkans Summit of 4 July 2016 as well as the Recommendations of the Civil Society Organisations for the Paris Summit 2016, – having regard to the preliminary findings and conclusions of the OSCE/ODIHR concerning the early parliamentary elections of 11 December 2016, – having regard to UN Security Council resolutions 817 (1993) and 845 (1993), – having regard to the judgment of the International Court of Justice on the Application of 1 OJ L 84, 20.3.2004, p. 13. PR\1111053EN.docx 3/7 PE595.412v01-00 EN

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