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Solid Color Epoxy Guide


MEET YOUR FLOOR S M O O T H E P O X Y Smooth Epoxy floors are a cost-effective and affordable installation that can accommodate large square footage areas for manufacturing facilities or can be customized to be a showroom floor with an embedded logo. This flooring option offers the most versatile of all epoxy floor coatings and can be customized to fit a variety of installs. This system will produce a solid-colored, seamless floor. B R O A D C A S T ( S I N G L E O R D O U B L E ) This epoxy floor system offers the incorporation of a full sand broadcast between layers of epoxy resin. This results in enhanced abrasion resistance, impact, and slip resistance over smooth epoxy coatings. Epoxy broadcast floors are a good solution where the floor may be wet often, and can come in a single or double broadcast depending on clients' needs and the conditions of the concrete. U R E T H A N E M O R T A R Urethane Mortars are used in the most abusive floor settings. It upholds performance in extreme temperatures. This floor requires no priming and can be installed on "green" concrete, offering quicker installation than other epoxy flooring systems. Urethane Mortar floors offer all of the benefits of broadcast epoxy, with additional benefits of increased impact and chemical resistance.

INSPECT THE DETAILS Gloss Satin Satin Anti-Slip Gloss with Texture Satin with Texture Gloss with Texture Satin with Texture

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