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19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read


19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read Table of Content 1. Between Translations 3 2. Translation Times 3 3. A Pragmatic Eye 4 4. Business School For Translators 4 5. The Translator’s Teacup 4 6. Freelance Folder 4 7. Thoughts On Translation 5 8. EMpTy Pages 5 9. The Freelancery 5 10. About Translation 5 11. Diary Of A Mad Patent Translator 6 12. Musings From An Overworked Translator 6 13. Oxford Dictionaries Blog 7 14. Speaking Of Translation 7 15. The Translation Business 7 16. Mox’s Blog 7 17. Unprofessional Translation 7 18. Brave New Words 8 19. Naked Translations 8 | | +49-40-357-187-76 | | |

19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read With machine translation tools, one may think that the job of a translator has become obsolete. Nothing could be further from the truth. What are the basic requirements for translators? Undoubtedly, command of the source and the target language. Furthermore, linguistic skills, good style and familiarity with both the culture of the language we translate from as well as the pitfalls of our own culture. But ​translation​ is not limited to simply rendering the meaning of what is written or said in one language into the other. There are many difficulties awaiting a fresh translator, as this job is a business as many others and every translator should be aware of what to expect. What is computer assisted translation? What are CAT tools? Why is networking important? What ethical perplexities may translators encounter? We have provided a list of 19 blogs (links in the respective titles) to boost your career as a translator. The first 10 blogs revolve around the technical and business side of translation, followed by 9 additional blogs about translation theory and translator’s points of view. 1. Between Translations This is a blog run by Jayne Fox, a German into English translator. Thanks to her blog you can become familiar with using the most popular CAT tools and find information about helpful resources and professional development. The author shares her thoughts on finding and working with clients (also from different time zones) and recommends books and webinars useful for translators. 2. Translation Times Here you will find a range of information on the business side of translation work, professional development, practical tips on rate negotiation as well as software recommendations in form of articles and webinars. You can also get acquainted with translation workshops and conferences updates, book reviews, academic translation programs and job opportunities. The blog owners and authors are twin sisters who work as translators and interpreters. | | +49-40-357-187-76 | | |

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