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19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read


19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read 11. Diary Of A Mad Patent Translator A blog run by an experienced technical translator. Despite the catchy title, his advice is very serious and ranges from practical tips on whether to give the so called temporary discounts or not, to reflections on the advantages and disadvantages of being multilingual. You can also find updates about upcoming translator conferences. 12. Musings From An Overworked Translator The author presents a great email etiquette list, in 15 concise points, which will give you clear information on how to behave in the online communication world. On this blog you will also find tips on creating business cards and resumes, as well as you can get impressions from tranlators seminars. | | +49-40-357-187-76 | | |

19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read 13. Oxford Dictionaries Blog A great resource for every translator interested in linguistics. The blog provides an overview of the changes influencing languages and curiosities about many both well-known as well as rare words. It discusses the impact of learning a new language on our personality, and even articles about how animals understand what people say. 14. Speaking Of Translation This blog is run by two experts in the field of translation and localization. One of them is also running the aforementioned ​Thoughts on Translation blog. On this blog you can actually listen to audio files covering their tips and opinions on the freelance translator’s work. The author addresses the issues of being a freelancer and a parent, self-publishing, and finding client through industry conferences. 15. The Translation Business If you are looking for some more profound analysis of the localization and globalization world, you should definitely visit ​The Translation Business blog. There are some fascinating conversations between the blog owner, his fellow translators, and scientific workers about the relevant traits of a great translator. All of which matters greatly in the final result of the translation quality and the controversial idea of competitive bidding in the translation industry. 16. Mox’s Blog Are you tired and need a good laugh? Visit ​Mox’s blog, which is a presentation of funny cartoons about the everyday life of a translator in a rather non-serious manner. | | +49-40-357-187-76 | | |

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