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40 Chapter 6 Sector

40 Chapter 6 Sector Performance

29 6.1 Maize The CFS results for 2015/16 showed that maize production would increase by 9.7 percent from 2,618,221 MT to 2,873,052 MT (Figure 15). While the average yield increased from 1.75 MT/Ha to 2.10 MT/Ha from the previous crop forecast. However, area planted declined by 8.66 % from 1,494,451 Hectares in 2014/15 season to 1,364,977 Hectares in 2015/16. Zambia’s 2016 food balance sheet, indicated that the country had sufficient stocks to fulfil both human and industrial use. With a total carry-over stock of 667,524 MT, Zambia’s total maize supply in the 2016/17 marketing season was 3,540,577 MT, with a marketable surplus of about 634,681 MT (MoA/CSO, 2016). Despite the El Niño in 2015/16 production season, maize production has been within the average production range for the past five years. The largest harvest in Zambia’s was recorded in 2013/14. The country has increasingly become self-sufficient in the production of maize. With good rainfall and the sustained provision of huge government subsidies on both the production and marketing side, the country has continued to produce maize surpluses. The late onset and the improvement in the rainfall situation in the later parts of the season helped farmers who planted late to realise a near normal to above average harvest averting the fears of poor harvest due to El Nino. Figure 15: Maize Production, Area Planted and Yield, 2012-2016 Source: Crop Forecast Survey Data (2012-2016)

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