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If you have any

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact HR. GBA Newsletter - Spring 2017 Drivers Notice Board GBA Drivers Notice Board Booking Holidays New app for Tacho drivers Fig.1 The RHA tachograph analysis system that the Fleet team use to analyse digital and analogue tachographs is now available as a mobile app on your GBA work phone. This is a great tool to use and supports our commitment to invest in safe driving, allowing you access to your driving history. This can be done by going onto the “GBA Browser” on your phone and simply selecting the “Tachograph Analysis” icon (fig 1). The fleet team will shortly be issuing you with a log on name and password which you will be able to change to something more memorable on your first log in. If you need to access this on a personal device, you can visit and enter your details. Once you have logged on by selecting the option for ‘charts’ you will be able to see a calendar with your driving hours’ data. (fig 2) If you then select the month, year and day you can see the working/ driving data for that day displayed in a graph, with any infringements highlighted (fig.3). In the event of you having any infringements you will be contacted by either a member of the Fleet team or a Depot Manager to ensure that you understand what has happened and how to prevent the infringements in the future. Fig.2 To streamline the holiday / time off booking process, please note the following changes; All holiday and time off requests must be submitted on a Monday between 9am and 12 noon. You will receive a response before the Wednesday of the same week to advise if this request has been approved or not. Any exception from this rule will only be accepted in case of emergency. MyMix The RIBAS units in vehicles have now been active for a little over a week and we are starting to get some good data back. The overall target is for GBA as a company is to achieve an average score of 95 or above. The most recent average score, for those drivers that have received the training, is 93.8. A fantastic start! The scoring report has now highlighted that there are two key areas that when improved, will help GBA achieve the target average. Harsh acceleration and harsh braking. The current scores for these areas are 88.92 and 87.42 respectively as shown in the charts below. The prime reason the RIBAS unit have been fitted is to improve the safety of our drivers and other road users. Reducing the amount of harsh acceleration and braking (when and where it is possible) will certainly help achieve this. Important – French Macron All drivers should now have had their RIBAS training at one of the depots, or received an email containing training materials for your perusal. You Attestation forms have expired! As you know the Macron Law applies to any drivers collecting or delivering to, from and within France (not transiting through). should have been given your password to log in to the My Mix App, if you have not received the training and/ or your MyMix Password please contact Selanie Ball on 751 or Rob Marsden on 747. This law requires all drivers to keep the following documents in their vehicle at all times; What was really encouraging to see was that 58 drivers have logged into the MyMiX app so far to review their scores. This is currently the best • A paper copy of their contract of employment (including a French translation of Pg. 17 – Rates of pay and details of hours and work) statistic Mix Telematics have had within all of their customers. So a big well done to all of those drivers! For those of you who have not yet logged in we strongly encourage you to do so as this will provide you with some really useful information on your • Attestation Form (Attestation De Detachment) Valid for six months only. Current version expired on 31st January 2017. All European drivers have had the latest version of the Attestation Form emailed to them with an expiry date of August 2017. If you have not received this or you are unable to print, please ensure you collect a copy from any GBA depot. As we are in the very early days of the roll out we would encourage you to provide us with any constructive feedback you have that may help us to make any improvements. driving style and area’s of improvement. It is really important that you have the above in hard copy readily available to produce to the authorities should you be asked. The maximum penalty if the attestation is not on board or noncompliant (i.e. out of date) is up to Ð750, the maximum penalty for failing to produce your contract of employment is Ð450. Failing to produce both of these could result in a fine of up to Ð2,000. 10

GBA Newsletter - Spring 2017 A day in the life & Quiz A day in the life of GDP Pharma At the Ashford depot, we are the hub for temperature controlled and pharmaceuticals work within GBA. We pride ourselves on dedicated service levels that we supply to all of our customers. Day to day we work with many Blue Chip Pharmaceutical companies moving high value goods nationally and across Europe. This involves 24/7 monitoring of the temperatures using Masternaut and most recently the new Mix telematics system. This allows us to monitor the vehicles temperatures closely using door opening/closing and excursion alerts which are sent directly to staff as well as the drivers and GBA Poland where applicable. This information is also passed to customers via Fleetfence so that we have total transparency. All staff are fully trained in GDP and our new IOS 9001 2015 incorporates the latest GDP guidelines. The GBA owned fleet have the latest locking systems and along with our telematics and temperature controlled Gold and Cold contract, we are one of the top three temperature controlled transport companies in the UK. We also have a subcontracting database and work closely with our approved subcontractors. This means that we are able to offer our services to a wider audience and along with the latest telemarketing strategy, we are targeting potential new temperature controlled accounts. Our expert knowledge within the industry as well as our cheerful and positive approach when working with customers, means that we are now the first point of call for our customers when booking temperature controlled transport. This is reflected in the monthly customer KPI’s where we are achieving a 99% score for our service levels. Hip Hip... Hooray ! This year on 18th May 2017 GBA will celebrate their 30th Birthday… So, for the chance of winning a £50 shopping voucher or an extra days holiday this year see if you can answer all of the following questions correctly... 3. 1. 5. What year was GBA services Ltd incorporated? 2. 4. What do the flag colours on the GBA logo represent? Besides the Birkbeck family who is the longest serving member of GBA staff? What was the first type of van purchased by GBA? What was the first type and model of truck purchased by GBA ? Please complete your details and return this to Selanie Ball at Head Office with your completed Quiz. NAME DATE DEPOT CLOSING DATE: 31st March 2017 Please contact HR if you need help reading this. Correct Answers from last Newsletter Quiz: ‘Who lives in an igloo like this?’; Top left - Emma Birkbeck, Bottom left - Nick Tissot, Top right - Mike Candela, Botton right - Kane Jeffs. Well done to all of those who answered correctly. Dedicated Enterprising Family Values 11

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