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GBA Newsletter - Spring

GBA Newsletter - Spring 2017 Mix Telematics GBA & Mix Telematics Solutions Investing in safe and fuel efficient driving We are all really excited this month as we have officially launched the new RIBAS units in all vehicles. All drivers will have been fully briefed on how they can drive more safely and efficiently with continuous training sessions took place at Royston throughout January. The switch on date was 29th January and we can now start analysing all the data for each driver. All drivers will have access to MyMix app which gives real time information on how they have been driving and they will also be able to compare their driving to the rest of the fleet. The report details which areas of driving could be improved, so we are really keen to see improvements week by week from our fleet of professional drivers. Remember Drivers, in order to have valid data and a true picture of your driving styles you MUST use your BlueKey everytime you are in a GBA van /analogue truck, regardless if you are on a job or not. The BlueKey is assigned to you, so it is really important that you keep it with you at all times. Simply insert the key into the socket of the vehicle you are driving and this will automatically assign you to that vehicle. Remember incentives and eventually payroll will be linked to this so it is important that you do not forget. Look out for updates on this exciting new project, and Happy driving.. 8

GBA Newsletter - Spring 2017 QTW Q U ot e T o w i n The last couple of months in 2016 saw the successful roll out of our brand-new Quote To Win module. This programme was designed to provide our customer facing staff with additional tools and skills to help them confidently quote to win and generate more profitable work for GBA. We are pleased that we are already seeing positive changes in the way in which we have been quoting and building up relationships with customers and sub contactors. With the support of the Supply Chain Department the Operations team have been able to improve the way in which they source the best solutions for our customer from our subcontract partners across Europe. The feedback from the course was really encouraging and it received a positive reception for many reasons, including the following • Bringing staff together to share their experiences across different teams • Providing insight into each operational job role and spreading new ideas. The range of people and their unique skills meant that ideas and knowledge were shared and new ways of working discussed. • A refresh and guidance on the basics such as vehicle sizes, weights, dimensions etc This initiative was led by the Supply Chain department who, supported by members of the SMT designed and implemented QTW. Sam Mortimer (Supply Chain Manager) says “Being involved in Quote to Win was a really positive experience for us. Not only were we were able to explore our own roles and discuss the role of the Supply Chain team in the quote process but we were able to take on-board new ideas from the teams which we will include in our 2017 plans.” Quote to Win has enabled some real improvements within the operations teams. Aided by the setting of weekly “fun objectives” we have seen an increase in communication with subcontractors, fostering closer ties between us. We have seen the operations teams making better use of the tools available to them and our subcontractor base has increased covering new areas and increasing vehicle types. Another fantastic change has been the way in which we negotiate with subcontractors. This was part of the QTW module and we opened up lots of discussions and improvement points throughout the training modules. We saw this as a key area and led a session on costs and negotiating with the focus on confidently winning more jobs to directly improve profit margins. And QTW doesn’t end there. We have strong plans in place for 2017 to continue to drive forward the successes of this programme throughout the organisation. There will be a follow up Quote To Win module around mid-year offering additional techniques to further enhance skills at sourcing options and offering solutions. A big thank you to everyone who attended the course, and we look forward to more “Quoting to Win” in 2017. SUCCESS NEW IDEAS SKILLS FUN OBJECTIVES NEGOTIATE SOLUTIONS IMPROVE TEAM 9

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