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Needs Code February 2017


10.12 For some children

10.12 For some children or young people the IDP planning meeting could be very small. For example, for a child under 16 whose needs are neither severe nor complex, it might only include the child, their parent(s) and someone from the school. A meeting for a young person might include just the young person, someone from the FEI and possibly another person, such as a parent, whom the young person has requested attends. 10.13 A larger number of professionals would only need to attend the meeting where contributions are required from a wide range of agencies. 10.14 Agencies and professionals should be invited to meetings and reviews as soon as possible to ensure they have sufficient notice to make themselves available to attend, or so that they can provide advice instead 10.15 Advice should be provided to professionals on the format of the meeting and on how they will be able to contribute, either by attending the meeting or providing a written contribution. This information should be provided with any request for participation. 10.16 Where possible and appropriate, information should be shared with the child, child’s parent or young person in advance of the meeting to allow the child, child’s parent and young person to fully engage in the discussion. In some instances, it might be decided that the information is best discussed at the meeting as it offers a forum where different opinions can be provided. Those with multiple plans 10.17 A school, FEI or local authority may prepare, review or revise an IDP at the same time as it, or another body, is preparing, reviewing or revising another document in the case of the person concerned. The school, FEI or local authority is able to include the other document in the IDP and vice versa 148 . 10.18 This is a power and not a requirement and doing so may be subject to limits on what may be done in relation to the other document. Where it is relevant, the local authority or governing body should consider whether it is appropriate to co-ordinate the two matters. 10.19 Generally, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, IDP processes should be synchronised as far as possible with any other planning or review processes that are required to take place in relation to a child or young person. This could mean having one meeting where the child or young person’s ALN is discussed at the same time as any other needs or requirements. This will allow integrated planning and facilitate holistic solutions. This might be appropriate, for example, in the case of care and support plans made under part 4 of the Social Services and Well-being 148 Section 23 of the Act. Page | 96

(Wales) Act 2014. The bodies responsible for maintaining the different plans need not be the same. 10.20 This approach will also avoid the child, child’s parent or young person attending unnecessarily a series of similar meetings and will reduce the need for the child, child’s parent or young person to repeat the same information to different people. It should also assist professionals by reducing the number of meetings they are required to attend. 10.21 Where possible, the IDP co-ordinator should attend every meeting connected to a child or young person’s wider needs, so that they have a rounded and comprehensive understanding of the person’s wider needs. For instance, it may be appropriate for the IDP co-ordinator to attend safeguarding meetings about a child with ALN as well as the child’s IDP meeting. Transport 10.22 The Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2008 sets out the legal framework specifically related to travel and transport provisions for learners travelling from home to school in Wales. 10.23 [Consideration continues to be given to this topic and how it is covered within the Code.] Other factors 10.24 In considering the person’s needs, the governing body or local authority might need to consider and put in place other measures to support the person’s needs. For instance, adaptions may be required to comply with the duty to make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010. This might include, for example, securing a good acoustic environment. 10.25 Equally, when determining the ALP it may be appropriate to consider other matters relating to the ALP such as maintenance details or insurance of any specialist equipment and who is responsible for that. Young persons who do not want an IDP 10.26 A young person may not consent to a decision on whether they have ALN being made, or may not consent to their IDP being maintained. Young people must be provided with the information that enables the young person to make an informed decision, including an explanation of their rights in relation to the IDP and the consequences of having one. 10.27 The school or FEI will need to have simple but robust procedures in place to deal with and record these decisions; this might include the learner signing to confirm their decision. Even where they withhold consent, young Page | 97

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