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Needs Code February 2017


11.29 Any information

11.29 Any information provided by or arising from discussion of any presentation or video shown at the IDP meeting, by or on behalf of the child or young person, could also be included under these headings. 11.30 Where professionals, children, children’s parents or young people have different opinions, these should be recorded. This should be recorded using generic terms such as parents, teachers or senior leadership team. Specific names or titles should be used only if the individual that holds that view wishes it to be recorded as such. The ‘Reasons for Decisions Made’ section of the IDP should be used to explain in clear language how these different opinions have been taken into consideration to arrive at any decisions, for example about the ALP. 11.31 Where parents have secured advice from professionals directly, this should be clearly recorded, appropriately considered and can be provided in an annex. Description of the child or young person’s ALN i. A description of the child or young person’s ALN. 157 11.32 This should be as clear and comprehensive as possible and include the impact of the need on the child or young person’s learning in as much detail as possible. Where there is a relevant diagnosis this should be included as part of the description. Those responsible for drafting the IDP should ensure that they do not confuse the description of ALN with the ALP necessary to meet those needs. The description of ALN might develop as referrals and advice/assessments are made. Description and delivery of the child or young person’s ALP i. The following information for each separate element of ALP that is recorded: 157 Section 8 of the Act. o a description of the ALP to be provided; o whether or not the ALP is to be provided in Welsh; o any treatment or service to be provided by the NHS, and whether or not this is to be provided in Welsh; o the organisation that is to deliver the ALP; o the name and job title of a contact at the providing organisation; o details of how regularly the ALP is to be provided (which should include, for example, confirmation that it will be provided daily, at weekends, school days only or once each term, etc.); o the date from which the ALP will be provided; o the date until which the ALP will be provided (where an end date is set); o the name of the body that is to be responsible for funding the ALP; and Page | 110

o where ALP should be provided in Welsh, that fact. ii. Details of any disapplication of the National Curriculum 158 ; iii. Any special examination provision required, and agreed, to enable the child or young person to have full access to the examination in order to demonstrate their attainment; and iv. The name of any school named by the local authority for the purpose of securing admission to it, pursuant to section 42 of the Act and it must be stated that the school is being named for that purpose. 11.33 The information should be written in plain language and without jargon with a view to all who attend the meeting, including the child or young person, being able to understand it. 11.34 The ALP recorded could include a range of activities or types of support, for instance: a professional providing a strategy or training which other professionals with a day-to-day role with the child or young person will deliver; or guidance or support provided by the education setting or others, for the child, child’s parent or young person themselves. 11.35 The ALP that best meets the ALN of the child or young person may be different depending on the type of institution they attend. For instance, the provision that a special school provides might be different to that which a mainstream school provides because of the different way that a special school is organised. 11.36 The information recorded in relation to ALP will be more useful the clearer it is. It should be detailed, specific and quantifiable. This clarity might result from describing the specific tasks or actions that will be undertaken; it could also detail the training or qualifications any staff will require. Simply stating that support will be provided will not meet the need for clarity; describing the tasks any staff will undertake or facilitate, what they will be responsible for, and, if necessary, what qualifications or training they will require, is important. Where specialist equipment is needed, consideration should be given to any ongoing maintenance or updates, which might helpfully be recorded, where known and advised. 11.37 The detailed ALP information included in the IDP will need to be agreed by those responsible for its delivery and funding before it is included. The detail included should reflect the agreement reached. For example, where a child or young person requires speech and language therapy, details such as ‘x numbers of sessions of speech and language therapy will be provided’ can only be included with the agreement of the service provider. 11.38 If the body maintaining the IDP decides any ALP should be delivered in Welsh, this must be recorded. 159 158 Under or by virtue of the Education Act 2002. Page | 111

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