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Needs Code February 2017


parent and young person

parent and young person will need to be provided with detailed information on the potential placement 251 . 17.33 To support FEI attendance, schools should plan reviews to ensure efficiency and FEIs should have a staffing structure that allows for their attendance. 17.34 The transition process will differ for each young person but might include one or more of the following: Attendance at open events ‘Show-arounds’ at college either during the college day or at quieter times Taster sessions Link programmes Opportunities to sit in on classes Extended inductions A bespoke visit arranged by the FEI. 17.35 Upon enrolling at an FEI, a review meeting of the IDP should be conducted as soon as possible, with a reconsideration of the young person’s ALP. The ALP might need to change to reflect the circumstances of the different setting, the ALP which was delivered at school might not meet the needs of the young person in an FEI. For instance, FEIs should be helping the young person to work towards even greater independence. Where it is proposed to change the ALP, this must be discussed with the young person, including the reasons for that proposed change, this should include reassuring the young person about any concerns they might have and if required taking mitigating actions against these concerns. 17.36 It may be that the ALP will change to reflect the ALP which is noted under the transition section of the IDP (see Chapter 11). 17.37 However, there will be some circumstances when an FEI has not been involved in the transition process, this might be because a young person has changed their mind and made a late decision. When enrolling, applicants should be provided with an opportunity to disclose any ALN, or disability and state whether they have previously had an IDP or not. This provides an opportunity for discussion between the young person and the FEI about their needs and the support required. The FEI should support the young person to understand the environment and provide information as required, such as details of the ALNCo and a personal tutor. When the FEI is conducting a review of the IDP or are establishing a new IDP following a previous IDP lapsing, where further clarity or more information is needed the ALNCo or relevant member of staff from their previous school should be invited to 251 Where there are questions about a young person’s capacity to understand, the relevant provisions of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, associated case law and the Code of Practice will apply. Page | 164

attend. It may also be suitable to involve a careers advisor where they have been previously involved with the young person. Good Practice Examples At FEI X, their staff attend school transition reviews to provide information and guidance to the child, child’s parent or young person. In addition the FEI has regular ALN meetings with its local secondary schools where the needs of ALN learners can be discussed. Jenny Jenny has severe learning difficulties and is very vulnerable. She attends a special school and has been there for the last seven years. She would like to do a Life Skills course at an FEI but is very worried about leaving school. The Transition Officer from the relevant FEI attended Jenny’s Year 12 review where he was able to describe the range of courses on offer and provide other information to Jenny and her parents about what the FEI could offer (under new arrangements, we would anticipate the FEI ALNCo could be the one to do this). During the Year 13 review, dates were agreed for Jenny to try out some taster sessions at an FEI. A visit was arranged before the taster sessions so that Jenny could be shown around the FEI and meet some of the staff and students. Following the taster sessions Jenny was invited with her parents for an informal interview at the FEI. The taster sessions, along with information from her IDP and review, provided FEI staff with enough detail to make a judgement about Jenny’s support needs. Support arrangements were discussed and agreed with Jenny and her parents and this information was added to her IDP. Jenny and her parents were also provided with all the information they needed to apply for transport and financial assistance, along with details of the FEI’s enrolment and induction arrangements. Careers Advisors 17.39 For most children or young people with ALN the careers advice they receive as part of their mainstream education will meet their needs. Those learners with ALN who are at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) should already be identified as a priority group requiring enhanced services. Careers Wales will need to be involved in supporting those children and young people with ALN who would benefit from enhanced services. 17.40 Where the person organising an IDP meeting believes that the child or young person requires the input of careers advisors in a face to face format they should invite them to the review meeting. This will be particularly Page | 165

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