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Needs Code February 2017


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important where the review meeting will have a focus on transitions and preparing for adulthood to discuss the child’s or young person’s careers options. 17.41 Careers advisors can provide careers information, advice and guidance to the child, young person and the family of different career options, as well as sharing dates of open events, such as at the local FEI. They can also provide information on different courses and provide challenge and guidance to help an individual consider all available options, such as continuing education, different careers and occupational training. This might be particularly relevant, where a school is a natural feeder to one provision which might not be the most appropriate for the individual. 17.42 It may be appropriate to involve career specialists where a learner’s needs are such that they are only likely to be met in an FEI with significant support provided by the local authority and a local authority maintained IDP. Good practice examples When to involve careers specialists Paul is a student in a mainstream school. He is in year 9 and about to choose his options. Paul is on the autistic spectrum and gets very anxious at the thought of change. He finds it difficult to make decisions and has panic attacks when placed under pressure. The school have very good systems in place to support Paul and use visual aids to help Paul understand changes to his timetable. Paul’s parents have expressed concern about his future and what will happen when he leaves school. The school ask the careers adviser to meet with Paul and his parents to help him think about how he makes decisions and to help them learn about post school options. The careers adviser meets Paul and his parents and also agrees to attend the year 9 review to help Paul explain his option choices. Using career specialist and FEIs Gavin is a year 11 student in a mainstream school who has speech and language and co-ordination difficulties. Gavin hoped to stay on in school for A-levels but is predicted to get D and E grades in his GCSEs. The careers adviser has met with Gavin during years 9 and 10 and Gavin has expressed an interest in a wide range of vocational areas. In year 11 the school ask the careers adviser to meet with Gavin again to discuss his post school options in more detail. Gavin learns that the FEI offer a number of courses he would be interested in and he accepts that school may not offer the qualifications that would best suit him. As Gavin lacks confidence, he agrees that the careers adviser can discuss his options with his parents and that it would be a good idea for them to visit the FEI with him. The careers adviser contacts the ALNCo at the FEI to arrange a visit and with Page | 166

Gavin’s permission outlines his strengths and the support he may need in a new environment. At a review of Gavin’s IDP in December the FEI is represented by their ALNCo. Gavin was pleased with the courses on offer and has completed an application. The college ALNCo is able to give more detail on the course and the support that will be put in place. The IDP is updated to include this support. A number of further visits are arranged to help Gavin with the transition to college. The careers adviser agrees to maintain contact with Gavin during the summer to make sure that he still feels confident to attend in September. Careers Wales - Case Study - Client leaving school to enter work based learning Jack is on the Autistic Spectrum. He attends a mainstream school and has LSA support to ensure that he has understood what is expected of him and to help him to meet deadlines for course work. Jack does not enjoy classroom based learning and is keen to leave school at the end of year 11. He has met with his careers adviser twice to discuss his options and has decided that he would like to enter work based learning and get practical experience. He is interested in catering. Jack has discussed the support he would like to have on placement. The careers adviser arranges for Jack to visit two local work based learning providers. The ALNCo invites the careers advisor to attend the annual review of his IDP and the careers adviser suggests inviting the work based learning provider that Jack would like to go to. The support Jack needs on placement is discussed and Jack and his parents feel more confident that he will gain a placement and work towards further qualifications. The careers adviser follows this up later in the year and refers Jack to work based learning. Jack shares his updated IDP with the work based learning provider. The careers adviser maintains contact with Jack until he is settled in his placement. Young people leaving education/training 17.43 Where a young person is leaving education or training to start their next phase of their life journey, they should be supported to make a smooth transition. This would include supporting them to understand what support is available and what careers options are available to them. This may include passing on the relevant information along with the IDP (with the young person’s consent) to relevant agencies. 17.44 In order to help the young person make a smooth transition into adulthood it may be appropriate to invite careers specialists (see above for further information on when to invite careers specialists), when this is the case they should be invited. Page | 167

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