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Needs Code February 2017


5.20 Teaching

5.20 Teaching practitioners who need to improve their knowledge and/or skills in relation to different types of ALN are able to access information, guidance, tools and/or training materials, which have been developed by the Welsh Government, via the Learning Wales website 15 and the Hwb digital learning platform 16 . 5.21 The ALNCo will play an important role in advising on and contributing to the broader support provided within the education setting, as well as the professional learning for other staff members. Therefore, it is essential that they keep up to date on the latest guidance, support and evidence of best practice available for ALN. 5.22 There are also a range of organisations who offer support and professional learning to different education settings on specific teaching approaches for learners with ALN, as well as on specific types of ALN. Prescribed qualifications and experience of ALNCos 5.23 [Section 54 of the Act provides that regulations may be made to require bodies to ensure that ALNCos have prescribed qualifications or prescribed experience (or both). The following paragraphs, therefore, represent the Welsh Government’s intentions in this respect, but they are subject to development alongside the regulations in due course.] 5.24 The ALNCo will need to be a suitably qualified teacher. 5.25 The ALNCo will have wide-ranging practical experience of supporting learners with ALN in the classroom environment. It is the Welsh Government’s intention that they will be required to obtain a qualification for ALN within a set timeframe from the date of their appointment (if they have not obtained it already). We envisage the qualification supporting ALNCos to develop advanced level knowledge and skills in coordination, leadership and ALN specialisms. 5.26 It will be important that following the attainment of the qualification, ALNCos continue to utilise appropriate professional learning to keep abreast of the latest developments. 5.27 All teaching practitioners are required to register with the Education Workforce Council 17 who will maintain the registration and the professional standards for the teaching profession in Wales. This includes all maintained school teachers and learning support staff and FE lecturers and learning support staff. The registration includes a record of the individual’s roles and professional learning. All ALNCos and teaching practitioners should ensure their registration includes an up-to-date record 15 16 17 Established as a registration body under the Education (Wales) Act 2014. Page | 26

of their role and professional learning in respect of ALN. In this regard, local authorities should also review school development plans to ensure that schools have sufficient skills in order to fulfil their duties. ALNCos in schools and PRUs 5.28 It may be appropriate in certain circumstances for some maintained settings to share an ALNCo. This could apply, for example, in circumstances where there is a maintained nursery attached to a mainstream school; a nursery class is part of the mainstream school; there is a combination of small settings in a local area; or where there is a federation of schools under the responsibility of a single governing body. Where a sharing arrangement is in place, the relevant governing body(ies) should ensure that in undertaking its duty to appoint an ALNCo, those education settings continue to meet their responsibilities as set out within this Code. 5.29 All PRUs are required to appoint an ALNCo under the aforementioned duty. PRUs are run by management committees and overseen by a local authority. When the local authority is deciding who to designate as the ALNCo they should seek the input of the management committee to discuss who would be best suited for this role. 5.30 Due to the size of a PRU, it may be more appropriate to appoint the Head of the setting as an ALNCo, or consider a sharing arrangement with other PRUs or feeder schools. The management committee of a PRU should ensure that the ALNCo has the time and expertise to undertake their role appropriately. ALNCos within PRUs will be expected to undertake the same role as those in other maintained settings. Due to the changing learner population within a PRU, the ALNCo will be responsible for maintaining positive relationships with their counterparts in other maintained settings. This will enable the smooth transition of learners and sharing of necessary information between the education settings. 5.31 The ALNCo should support those learners with an IDP to make a smooth transition. This would include supporting the learner to transition into another school, and supporting young people to make the transition into adulthood, such as into further study or work (see Chapter 17). This might include working with relevant stakeholders to manage this transition. Good practice models for ALNCOs in schools and PRUs Smaller settings The ALNCo is part of the senior leadership team and works closely with the head teacher. The ALNCo leads, supports and works with staff to help them to track and identify pupils with ALN. Page | 27

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Indicative Draft: The (0-25) Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
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Indicative Draft: The (0-25) Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
Indicative Draft: The (0-25) Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
Indicative Draft: The (0-25) Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
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