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Plea for Affiliation -- M - 2

A plea for help in finding a person or group to take over my mission of bringing Basho's works on humanity to common knowledge

Basho’s Works on

Basho’s Works on Humanity 250 Basho haiku about people 344 Basho renku or linked verses 15 tanka or tanka equivalents hundreds of prose passages hundreds of sections from 55 letters 50 passages of Basho’s spoken word Extensive commentary translated from Japanese or written by the compiler Endnotes providing Japanese sources Many pages of Japanese background material Various lists and indices to help you find an item Almost all of these resources for human self-understanding are known only to a few scholars. All of them should be known through the humanities and social sciences, for they offer a positive, life-affirming vision of humanity we need in this world today.

The material is arranged in 120 articles on specific topics: Each of the following has 20 articles usually between 2000 and 4000 words The Yellow Series: On Women The Green Series: On Children and Lightness The Red Series: Concerning Basho The Blue Series: Topics of Interest The Orange Series: Miscellany The Purple Series: Basho Letters Some of these articles are published on where you can read and download them. Eventually all 120 will be available. Also the bi-lingual series in which a single Basho renku pair is discussed in both English and Japanese lined up beside each other; currently there are 15 of these, and 25 more are planned. A List of 160 articles is article M - 6 The material is also arranged in five volumes The Yellow Volume Take Back the Sun: Basho Tells Her Story The Green Volume What Children Do: Basho Praises the Young The Red Volume Dear Uncle Basho: Poet of Humanity The Blue Volume Topics of Interest: Themes Favored by Basho The Purple Volume Letters from Basho: Journey through his mind

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