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KWIKFIT Sales, Service & Quoting Research

KWIKFIT Sales, Service & Quoting

KWIKFIT: Sales, Service & Quoting excellence Sales Service Quoting We all know one thing. Quoting can sometimes be slow expensive and risky depending on what kind of market you are in. 4 Main areas for concern in quoting 1. Technical errors when quoting – incorrect product knowledge 2. Calculation errors – incorrect pricing 3. Data collection errors – manual to electronic 4. Customer retention/value add? Risks arise themselves through technical faults, incorrect calculation and errors between manual collection and electronic capturing/systems. Product knowledge is a key factor in determining the success of your quoting. The repercussions of not knowing your product can be devastating. It will result in namely; fewer sales due to lost deals/quotes, less profit from deals/quotes that have been acquired. In addition to this, the success of quoting is directly linked to employee satisfaction. If a employee is unsatisfied as a whole in said company he/she will not deliver the standard of quoting you desire (WHY?). Going full circle back to the customer: they will also affect your quoting excellence because they may have a pre-conceived opinion of perceived quality (WHY?) If your quoting process is professional it will improve all of the above negatives and increase your win rate. In addition to this an optimized quotation process with increase customer retention and satisfaction.

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