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CIER 2017 Brochure

Introduction Welcome to

Introduction Welcome to the 9th International Renewable Energy Conference, Energy Saver and Energetic Education (CIER 2017), hosted by The Study Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER), located at the Technological University of Havana José Antonio Echeverría (CUJAE) Cuba. The current focus on Cuba’s renewable energy sector is ambitious with the Government proposing to boost investment by USD 3.5 billion in order to reach its goal of generating 24 per cent of its power from renewable energy by 2030. CIER 2017 will bring together hundreds of scientists, engineers, manufactures, investors, policy makers, energy users and other specialists from across the entire international renewable energy spectrum to exchange knowledge, debate and analyse the global efforts currently being carried out in the field. This is all with the objective of intensifying the introduction of renewable energy technologies and promoting synergies towards the challenge of achieving sustainable energy development across Cuba and the Caribbean. 1 CIER 17

Overview SHARING EXPERIENCES AND PROMOTING SYNERGIES TOWARDS THE CHALLENGE OF ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT Since its inception in 1997, CIER has always been an arena for the international scientific community to come together to debate and to analyse the global efforts being made to develop and intensify the use of renewable energy technologies. CONFERENCE A programme of top quality speaker sessions, workshops and panel debates has been created to engage and inspire delegates. EXHIBITION Expo CIER 2017 will give companies the opportunity to display their commercial and scientific products and services to an audience of senior industry professionals from across the renewable energy sector. NETWORKING Excellent networking opportunities will allow delegates to engage with peers from local, regional and international businesses that want to develop business opportunities in a relaxed and friendly environment. 2 CIER 17

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