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CIER 2017 Brochure

Conference Programme and

Conference Programme and Theme WORKING TOWARDS 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES IN THE CARIBBEAN The theme for CIER 2017 is ‘Working towards 100% renewable energy sources in the Caribbean.’ A full and varied conference and speaker programme will feature over nine technical and strategic sessions and over 12 prominent industry specialists, representing both the regional and international renewable sector. CONFERENCE THEMES • Renewable energy, hybrids and energy storage • Energy saving, management and efficiency • Energy management and saving in transport • Energy, science, technology and society • Culture and Energy Education CALL FOR ABSTRACTS The call for abstracts is open until 1st March 2017 with paper submissions to be completed by 1st April 2017. Please visit for full details or contact with questions. WORKSHOPS THEMES • International Wind Energy Workshop • International Workshop of Hydrogen as an alternative fuel • International Workshop of Photovoltaic Solar Energy • International Workshop of Biodiesel • International Workshop about the Biomass • Doing Business in Cuba • Alternative Energy Opportunities in Cuba • International Workshop of Tidal and Wave Energy • International Workshop of Waste to Energy DELEGATE PRICES €500 per person, including access to all sessions, documentation and all networking functions 3 CIER 17

Expo CIER 2017 DISPLAY YOUR FINDINGS, EXPOSE YOUR BUSINESS, MARK YOUR DIFFERENCE Expo CIER 2017 will offer space for commercial and scientific exhibits across all areas of the renewable energy field. From accreditation, certification and finance institutions, to the building services and products required for the installation of energy systems, through CIER Expo 2017, organisations can showcase achievements of the present and compromises for the future. Stand prices start from €400 per square metre. Networking THE MEETING PLACE FOR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Networking is an important part of CIER 2017 and time is specifically factored into the conference programme to allow for networking during the breaks. In addition, Expo CIER 2017 presents further opportunity to form business relationships, share information and develop potential partnerships within the industry.’ 4 CIER 17

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