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HLF Review 2016

Résumé It will go on

Résumé It will go on Beate Spiegel Chairperson of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF) and Managing Director of the Klaus Tschira Stiftung (KTS) “We have reached the end of this year’s Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF); one week has passed very quickly, but I hope that each minute was worth your time, that there were many impressions, ideas, insights and new contacts you can take home. It has become a tradition – if such a word makes sense considering the short history of HLF – to use the farewell address as a platform for talking about the future of our Forum. As some of you may know, the decision of the Klaus Tschira Stiftung (KTS) to provide the financial support needed for HLF was originally limited to a “trial period” of five years. Since the Forum has been extremely well received by the participating laureates, the young researchers and the guests from all over the world, I had the pleasure of announcing in my last year’s farewell address that the KTS had lifted that constraint and will continue to provide funding. After that we talked to the award-granting organizations, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the International Mathematical Union (IMU), and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA), and they all were in favor of converting the HLF from an experiment to a permanent institution. Therefore, I would like to emphasize that the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in 2017 will not be the last one. The HLF will be continued as long as the open, unfettered scientific exchange between laureates and young researchers is a useful means for advancing science – which we are convinced will be the case for a long time. For reasons that primarily have to do with local logistic constraints we decided to run the HLF in the last complete week of September in each year. To make the specification complete: We consider Sunday the first day of the week and Saturday the last. Our website gives you a list of the HLF dates from next year to 2022 – but again: There will be Forums beyond 2022. The fact that the decision of continuing this activity could be made so early and so easily is primarily due to the laureates and the young researchers who created and maintain the spirit that makes the HLF so unique. I thank you for your commitment, your time, your enthusiasm and for the many ways in which you support us. It is both a pleasure and a privilege working for such a great community. This is your event, or – put slightly differently – you are HLF. Thanks are, of course, also due to the many other supporters and partners who help in preparing and running the Forum. And, last but not least, there is our dedicated and highly professional team with their many helpers who assist you in whatever may be needed, but also work in the background on the many things that need to be attended to.” 114