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HLF Review 2016

Welcome Young Researcher

Welcome Young Researcher Testimonials The Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) has helped me get out of my bubble and remind myself again of where the math and computer science research stands today, where it is headed and what challenges and opportunities lie in store for the young researchers. Through their stories and experiences the laureates provided valuable guidance for shaping my own research and plans for my career. Ahmet Cengiz Oztireli This was a week to remember! Healthy skepticism, suspended judgment and disciplined imagination. Ujwal Gadiraju A unique forum where the thinking of the older generation of computer scientists and mathematicians meet the younger and next generation of computer scientists and mathematicians to produce a good mix of what language of innovation and development should be spoken in the years to come. The event is nice. The organization superb. The choice of speakers is sound. Besides, drawing participants from several countries of the world – developed, semi-developed, developing – is unique in its own way. This is a promoter to the fact that global cooperation is a good approach towards providing solutions to challenges of innovation and development. It also implies that innovative ideas could come from anywhere regardless of race or color. This is a huge investment that will yield immense results in years to come. Adekunle Afolabi Thank you for a wonderful week together! It has been so amazing to meet such talent from all over the world in a lovely fairy tale like setting! Suzanna Schmeelk It was an excellent and really inspirational meeting. Thanks for the nice organization. And for all young researchers reading this, remember, “It is what you do in the dark, that puts you out into the light.” Lukas Breuer This is one of those once in a lifetime experiences. I’ve been able to speak to the authors of some of the books I studied in college. I loved the expression that “these are our Olympians” and I felt it that way. Never in life had I dreamed to be here, to talk to them, to meet as many smart fellows from all around the world. I’m proud of bringing the Venezuelan flag this far and to learn from everybody. Lessons about life, what to wait for in the future and a latent question about what are we going to do next to create a better society and more history in both fields. HLF is motivating, exciting and brings you humility and relativizes all our major worries. One more challenge: Inspire the next generations as they have done to me. I’m deeply thankful for all. Claudia Rosas Mendoza The HLF has been one of the best experiences of my life. The events and opportunities I’ve experienced have surpassed any other conference experience I have had, or am ever likely to have. A special thanks is required for the staff, who made the week so easy and carefree. In particular, the awesome driver who organized a volleyball with which we were able to play with in the break. Many thanks and hopefully see you again! Mark Bugden 16

Welcome The HLF is a truly intellectually inspiring event. Through talks from the laureates and interactions with the young researchers, one is exposed to a diverse mix of seminal ideas which challenge one’s preconceived notions and thinking. As a consequence of attending the Forum, I will be resuming my research work motivated by new questions (which I had previously not considered) inspired by a collection of ideas and insights to explore. Vincent Bindschädler One of the loveliest experiences of my life. I was humbled by the hospitality of the organizing committee and staff. Hearing all the laureates in person has given me the inspiration to step on a journey of my own, to explore and dream big. It is my hope that the Forum will go on to become one of the most influential platforms in the field of science that can bridge the wide gap between computer scientists and mathematicians at the forefront of knowledge and young researchers from different parts of the globe. Syed Waqar Ali Shah The HLF as a program is a genius idea. Communication, outreach and an appreciation for math and computer science is really something that is fundamental. More often than not, people interested in engaging in such activities find it difficult to find like-minded people. To that end, the HLF has been a perfect device. I have met many “mathsies” and “compsies” genuinely interested in these issues and I am really thankful for this opportunity that I’ve been provided with. To me, this program has simply been wonderful and I will be advertising it across the institutes that I interact with in the future. Lashi Bandara Quotes from the Young Researcher Survey: The best professional experience of my life! Great international diversity! Eye opening, inspirational and deeply motivating. A priceless opportunity. It was my “dream come true” moment having the chance to meet and interact with the laureates. The best conference/forum that I have ever participated in. Thanks! An amazing experience. I think my language is not good enough to explain this wonderful experience. H- Happiness/L- Lifetime Experience/F- Forever grateful for the opportunity! Frontiers being moved forward via mutual collaborations; lively and motivating talks, accompanied by lots of laughter. A nice opportunity for interaction and exchange. It seems to be challenging to provide talks which are both appealing to the experts and interesting to young researchers from other areas. Impressive program with clearly enormous efforts. The social events encouraged a lot of scientific interaction, in particular with the laureates. It was impressive to see how simple principles we learn in childhood can be translated into great accomplishments if you really do follow them. The atmosphere was very exclusive. Attending the 4th Heidelberg Laureate Forum has been a profoundly enriching experience. It was an integral experience in my career in terms of cementing my beliefs in gaining further education in mathematics. Meeting the respective laureates has had a profound impact on me. Dominic Mills-Howell 17