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HLF Review 2016

Thursday, September 22

Thursday, September 22 Poster Session Pacome Landry Ambassa Enabling Trust in Constrained Smart Micro-Grids: Adversarial Cases Cristina Ana-Maria Anghel Geometric interpretations for quantum invariants Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee Climatological Analysis with Spatial Interpolation by Modelling Land-Atmospheric Interaction Andreas Bode Towards a Beilinson-Bernstein correspondence on rigid analytic flag varieties Gregor Bruns Moduli spaces of covers of curves Kailash Budhathoki Causal Inference by Compression Freddy Pablo Castro Vicente Generic Properties of Magnetic Flows Sofía Nerina D’Alesio Souto Deformations of Sridharan Algebras Tamirat Temesgen Dufera Boundary-Domain Integral Equations for Neumann BVPs with Variable Coefficient in 2D Florencia Fernández Slezak On unit d-interval graphs Ujwal Gadiraju Crowdsourcing based solutions Jan Gorzny Partial Regularization of First-Order Resolution Proofs Basak Guler Modeling human aspects of communication Haji Ali Haji Investigating mobile graphic-based reminders to support compliance of tuberculosis treatment Alexey Ilyushkin An Experimental Performance Evaluation of Autoscaling Algorithms for Complex Workflows Tetiana Klymchuk Systems of linear and semilinear mappings Konstantinos Kosta Distributed In-Memory Processing of All k Nearest Neighbor Queries Lalla Malika Mouatadid Graph Searches on Structured Families of Graphs 84

Thursday, September 22 Stephen Mussmann Learning and Inference via Maximum Inner Product Search Vardan Oganesyan Commuting differential operators Thea Radüntz A Tool for Cognitive Ergonomics: Classification of Mental Workload Tobias Ried Gevrey smoothing of weak solutions of the homogeneous Boltzmann equation for Maxwellian molecules Mrinmaya Sachan Machine hit the School Samira Samadi Humanly Usable and Secure Password Schemas Tian Sang Geometry in structured optimisation problems Suzanna Schmeelk Android Malware Static Analysis Techniques Ling Shuyang Rapid, Robust, and Reliable Blind Deconvolution via Nonconvex Optimization Matthew Sinclair Novel ways to make the memory hierarchy of heterogeneous systems more efficient Preethi Srinivas Mediating ICU Patient Situation-Awareness with Visual and Tactile Notifications Guoming Tang Energy Disaggregation and its Applications in Smart Energy Systems Helen Catherine Wauck The Development of Spatial Skills in a Video Game 85