1 year ago

HLF Review 2016

Friday, September 23

Friday, September 23 Farewell Dinner Following the Scientific Interaction, the participants loaded back onto the buses and were taken to the Heidelberg Castle for a guided tour. As the sun began its descent over the Neckar valley, one of the best vantage points was the castle terrace, overlooking the city of Heidelberg. Shortly after the Farewell Dinner started, the participants were able to hear four final talks: Fields Medal and Abel Prize recipient Sir Michael Atiyah and ACM A.M. Turing Award recipient Barbara Liskov took turns addressing the crowd. In the spirit of what the Forum stands for, a young researcher from mathematics, Ben Heuer, and from computer science, Subarna Chatterjee, spoke about their experience at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF). Later on after dinner had been served and the interactions had time to progress, Beate Spiegel, Chairperson of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF) and Managing Director of the Klaus Tschira Stiftung (KTS), and Andreas Reuter, Scientific Chairperson of the HLFF, expressed their gratefulness to the young researchers and laureates that made the HLF such a vibrant event. Then they invited not only the HLFF team onto the stage to thank them for another successful Forum, but all of the supporting hands that helped to make the HLF possible. The night and the 4th HLF came to an organic end, with the purpose in full swing: undeterred communication strengthening bonds used to advance the scientific progress. 90