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HLF Review 2016

Communications Extending

Communications Extending our Reach A fundamental aspiration of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF) is to create an increasingly dynamic network to reach prospective young researchers and to generate new, while invigorating existing bonds in the mathematics and computer science communities. As a young event, the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) recognizes that broadening and strengthening recognition is at the forefront of the success of future Forums. The cornerstones of building a robust communications network are social media, journalists, bloggers, press relations and outreach activities. Each element plays a pivotal role in amplifying awareness of the HLF in essential areas. The HLF Facebook page strives to be a portal of relevant news for both mathematicians and computer scientists, which is why our team devotes significant efforts to seeking out pertinent developments. Young researchers considering their application to attend HLF and former participants can find links to articles that are compatible to their fields. HLF’s Twitter page, in addition to linking all Facebook posts, enables a more immediate response to current news in the worlds of mathematics and computer science. Efforts to increase awareness do not end with social media, in fact many take shape in a much more tangible or auditory way. Posters and flyers with application details and requirements are displayed at universities while HLF alumni and supporters are encouraged to share their experience with potential participants. HLF alumni broadcasting their stories in their circles have a ripple effect that can reach a wide audience. In addition, participants receive a complimentary HLF bag in the traditional blue and white color scheme. It is a multi-faceted advertising tool for the HLF and a practical companion for the participants. A look inside reveals a multitude of giveaways, from a power bank to a city guide, there was something everyone could find a use for. Trading contact information was made seamless by the personalized business cards that the young researchers and the laureates actively exchanged. One of the more robust souvenirs was a copy of Masters of Abstraction, a book of laureate portraits made by the Berlin photographer Peter Badge. The HLF website endeavors to progress with the event, so perpetual updates aim to avoid any visual stagnation. Alumni, future participants and all those interested are encouraged to visit the site regularly for updates. Our homepage is a one-stop shop to stream previous lectures, check out photos, read current blog posts or any developments pertaining to the HLF. Each of these elements are woven together in one common principle cloth, the very one that the HLF was founded on: Unfettered communication paves the path for scientific progress. A successful Forum is the undeniable goal of the HLFF, though it is an ambulatory objective, in that it begins anew with the conclusion of each HLF. 94