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HLF Review 2016


Communications HLF Blog In addition to the journalists, the HLF Blog Team is fundamental to up-to-date reporting on the event as it unfolds live. There was a team of seven bloggers and one guest blogger this year that provided a wealth of diverse posts, maintaining a host of interesting reads throughout the week. To reach a broader readership, there are both English and German language posts, with a few being posted in both languages. In 2016, the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF) took on the duty of selecting and managing the bloggers. The HLFF is very grateful to the diversified blog team that tirelessly sought out stories and conducted interviews to produce a fascinating picture of the HLF experience. Naturally, the activity on the HLF Blog peaks leading up to, during and immediately following the HLF. However, our team is actively seeking out potential stories and working to expand the versatility of the blog. With the help of the network of bloggers created from past events, the HLFF aims to provide interesting material for our readers throughout the year. Gail Carmichael is Manager of External Education Programs at Shopify. You can follow Gail on Twitter (@gailcarmichael) and her personal blog The Female Perspective of Computer Science. Daniel Gross is a writer and radio producer whose stories examine the way that science and history shape our lives. Website:, Twitter: @readwriteradio Artem Kaznatcheev is a mathematical oncologist at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. You can follow his meandering explorations on TheEGG. Tobias Maier is a lecturer at the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik), as well as a science communication professional. His blog WeiterGen can be found on SciLogs. Ben Orlin blogs at Math with Bad Drawings. He teaches secondary school mathematics in Birmingham, England. Markus Pössel is the managing scientist at the Haus der Astronomie (House of Astronomy) in Heidelberg, and began his SciLogs blog Relativ Einfach in 2007. Peter Woit is currently Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at Columbia University. Since 2004, he has been blogging about mathematics and physics-related topics at Not Even Wrong ( 96

Communications Journalists at HLF Each year an open invitation is extended to journalists to cover the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) and all are encouraged to apply for one of the travel grants provided by the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF). Journalists from various branches of media and expertise were able to provide diverse and encompassing coverage of the 4th HLF. At this year’s Forum, there were journalists from 16 different countries conducting interviews and reporting on the experience of participants at the HLF. Having journalists cover the HLF and broadcast the experience drastically extends the Forum’s reach, especially into communities that profit the most from such an event. We are grateful to all of the talented journalists that reported on the 4th HLF and we were excited to see the array of audiences they were able to reach. Travel Grant Journalists at the 4th HLF: Martín Cagliani (Argentina) – freelance journalist Hao-Yen Chen (Taiwan) – United Daily News David Levine (USA) – freelance journalist Vera Novais (Portugal) – Observador, science journalist Katherine Noyes (USA) – International Data Group Ochieng’ Ogodo (Kenya) –, coordinator/editor Nhat Pham (Vietnam) – TuoiTre Newspaper Siobhan Roberts (Canada) – science journalist and biographer Manjil Saikia (India) – freelance journalist, University of Vienna Elna Schütz (South Africa) – Wits Radio Academy, radio journalist Gina Smith (USA) – aNewDomain Media Inc., editor-in-chief Barry Cipra (USA) – freelance journalist Hussaini Mohammed Garba (Nigeria) – Daily Trust Newspaper Tom Geller (USA) – Tom Geller Productions, freelance journalist Dirk Huylebrouck (Belgium) – KU Leuven Arnout Jaspers (Netherlands) – freelance journalist Torkild Jemterud (Norway) – NRK, Norwegian Broadcast Corporation 97