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CVS Falkirk Are you looking for funding? Developing your ideas and applying for funding We can help you when you are developing your funding applications. We offer one to one surgery sessions to help you as you progress your application. We can also help you identify different sources of funding so contact Tariq or Claire on 01324 692000 or email Sources of funding There are a number of different sources of funding that groups and organisations can apply to, some are open to any type of group, others are restricted to, for example, registered charities or particular areas of work or geographical area. FUNDING HOTLIST JANUARY 2017 FUNDING FOR PROJECTS THAT HELP THE ELDERLY (UK) Registered charities can apply for grants of up to £1,000 for projects that help the elderly. The grants are being awarded by the Austin Hope and Pilkington Trust. Within the theme of helping the elderly, the Trust will give priority to projects that focus on: Homelessness Domestic abuse Prisoners/offenders Training/education Counselling/support Activities for those with limited access or opportunities. Only registered charities with operational income of minimum £50,000 and maximum £1,000,000 per year are eligible to apply. The closing date for applications is the 28th February 2017. The Trust will run a further 3 funding rounds in 2017. There is more information here: DEMENTIA FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES FUND (SCOTLAND) The second phase of the Dementia Friendly Communities Fund has opened for applications. A total of £2 million is available to start up geographical communities and communities of interest that assist people affected by dementia. There are three funding options available: Option 1 - £150,000 over three years with 10% minimum match-funding or in-kind contribution Option 2 - £225,000 over three years with 33% minimum match funding or in-kind contribution Option 3 - £35,000 over one year with 10% minimum in-kind contribution. The funding can be used for start-up, running and staff costs. Applications should include practical examples of how you will involve

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