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Article 23 22 Minors 1.

Article 23 22 Minors 1. The best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration for Member States when implementing the provisions of this Directive that involve minors. Member States shall ensure a standard of living adequate for the minor’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development. 2. In assessing the best interests of the child, Member States shall in particular take due account of the following factors: (a) (b) (c) (d) family reunification possibilities; the minor’s well-being and social development, taking into particular consideration the minor’s background; safety and security considerations, in particular where there is a risk of the minor being a victim of human trafficking; the views of the minor in accordance with his or her age and maturity. 3. Member States shall ensure that minors have access to leisure activities, including play and recreational activities appropriate to their age within the premises and accommodation centres referred to in Article 18 17(1)(a) and (b) and to open-air activities. 4. Member States shall ensure access to rehabilitation services for minors who have been victims of any form of abuse, neglect, exploitation, torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, or who have suffered from armed conflicts, and ensure that appropriate mental health care is developed and qualified counselling is provided when needed. 5939/17 AB, ZH, PC/pf 30 ANNEX DGD1B LIMITE EN

2013/33/EU (adapted) 5. Member States shall ensure that minor children of applicants or applicants who are minors are lodged with their parents, their unmarried minor siblings or with the adult responsible for them and their unmarried minor siblings whether by law or by the practice of the Member State concerned, provided it is in the best interests of the minors concerned. 46. Those working with minors, including the guardian and the person referred to in Article 23 (1) with unaccompanied minors, shall not have a verified criminal record with particular regard to of child-related crimes or offenses and shall have had and shall continue to receive continuous and appropriate training concerning the rights and their needs of unaccompanied minors, including those relating to concerning any applicable child safeguarding standards , and shall be bound by the confidentiality rules provided for in national law, in relation to any information they obtain in the course of their work. 5939/17 AB, ZH, PC/pf 31 ANNEX DGD1B LIMITE EN

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