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Lightning Talks: Session

Lightning Talks: Session 2 Science and Engineering Chair: Maria Loroño-Leturiondo 12:10 -13:20 Conference Suite (First Floor) Elisa Serra Antimicrobial activity of essential oils and biocides against Candida albicans Manchester Metropolitan University Kate Irvin Bárbara Pessali-Marques b.pessali-marques@ The creation of a novel predictive model for compounded poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC) formulations through various characterisation techniques and vibrational spectroscopic mapping How to evaluate dancers’ performance? The validation of a jump mat to be used in the field Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Alix Chadwell a.e.a.chadwell@ A new approach to understanding the factors affecting University of Salford myoelectric prosthesis user functionality and everyday usage Ruqayah Mohammed r.mohammed1@ Integration of the flow duration curve result into digital filtering algorithms to estimate the river base flow contribution University of Salford Dina Ali Yaseen Treatment of artificial wastewater contaminated with azo dyes by simulated shallow ponds system University of Salford Carly Fletcher carly.fletcher@ Opeyemi Oluwaseyi Oguntodu opeyemi.oguntodu2@ Management of residual waste in a circular economy Hybrid RF-FSO transceiver for adaptive real-time signal reception and distribution Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Andrew Brown Representation of PM 10 in larger fractions of environmental particles Manchester Metropolitan University Chloe Newton-Mann chloe.newton-mann@ Finite element modelling of snowboard wrist protectors Manchester Metropolitan University

Poster Presentations Reham Algheshairy Sumayh Aljameel Sumayh.s.aljameel@ Shaymaa Almajmaie S.H.Almajmae@ Mona Almujaydil Noufa Alnajran Suhad Al-Nasrawi Faiz Alotaibi faiz-abdullah.a.alotaibi@ Mohammad Alyami Cai Astley Razia B. Aubdool Razia.B.Aubdool@ Osama Baselem Albandari Bin Ammar albandari.bin-ammar@ Yazeed Bin Ateeq yazeed.a.bin-ateeq@ Toni Burrowes-Cromwell toni.burrowes-cromwell@ Samuel Charles Capp Charles Dahwa Elham Del Zendeh Effect of Nigella Sativa seeds and Ajwa date on blood glucose Manchester Metropolitan level among Saudi patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and University healthy subjects LANA: An Arabic conversational intelligent tutoring Manchester Metropolitan system for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder University Phytochemical and antimicrobial studies on selected medicinal plants from the Iraqi flora Risk factors influencing vitamin D status of ethnic minority adults living in the UK A semantic-based framework for social data cluster analysis Effect of sterilisation and storage on the composition of Dentine Postgraduate students’ perceptions of use of E-Libraries as a source of information at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia Formulating theophylline as a long acting inhalable nanosized dry powder by freeze-drying double emulsion technique The fabrication of surface modified silica nanoparticles for improved cellular and vascular biocompatibility A study to explore the use of mobile technology in supporting the management of acute pain at home following bowel surgery for patient on accelerated discharge plan Congenital Hyperinsulinism: Effects of Rapamycin on Min6 Pancreatic β-Cell Line Development of a novel wound dressing coated with drug-loaded mesenchymal stem cells to promote wound healing in diabetics Measuring the degree of time varying market efficiency in Saudi stock market Liverpool John Moores University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University University of Manchester Manchester Metropolitan University Aston University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University University of Sheffield Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Food SME/community collaboration: Towards food waste Manchester Metropolitan as everybody’s business University A Novel photocatalytic plasma reactor for hydrogen production from waste gases Changing lives through people management capability: A SME perspective Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University The Influence of space layout design on occupant’s University of Huddersfield energy consumption behaviour in non-domestic buildings

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