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Poster Presentations Anmar Dulaimi Aisha Elbouzidi uk Mohamed El Mohtadi Henry Elochukwu Hanadi Elyas Michael Foley Jacqui Gladwin Leah Greenhalgh Stephanie Tamdem Guetchueng s.l.guetchuengtamdem@ Jane Harris Niall Anthony Hickey Hassnen M Jafer Hiba Jasim R.R.J Chaturanganee Jayakody Chathuranganee.Jayakody@ Olamide Jogunola olamide.jogunola@ Raya Karaganeva Dalya Khayat Mohammed Kheshaim Mohammed.kheshaim@ Davide Landi Microanalysis of a new cementitious material to use as a filler in a cold dense graded binder course mixture Differential impact of anabolic and catabolic stimuli on differentiation of young and old murine and human myoblasts Effect of sex steroid hormones (Estrogen) on hostpathogen interactions in an in vitroModel of age-related impaired healing Personality trait deception in the workplace: The Implications on same-level employee relationship in Nigerian organizations Parents, teachers and attitudes to school food in Saudi Arabia Synthesis of a 6,6 nitrone intermediate in synthetic studies towards the histrionicotoxin alkaloids Changing lives: The benefits and challenges of electronic records access for patients A Tangled web: The Effects of cathinone-derived new psychoactive substances on web building and prey capture in the European Garden Spider Cytotoxic diterpenes from the fruits of Zanthoxyllum leprieurii (Rutaceae) Ethical dilemmas: Examining the role professional YouTubers play in young people’s health behaviour and identity in the UK Investigating pathogenic oral microbial species metabolites as toxins and biomarkers in chronic kidney disease Physico-chemical activation of a high calcium fly ash used as a cement replacement in the stabilisation of soft soils Assessment of synthetic chalcones as cancer chemopreventive agents Planning and designing public open spaces as a strategy for disaster resilience Communication infrastructure for peer-to-peer energy trading Could mouthguard design have an effect on usage within sport? Liverpool John Moores University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool John Moores University Manchester Metropolitan University Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool John Moores University University of Huddersfield Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University The effect of mobile learning on the development of University of Southampton educational video production skills and on the enhancement of self-efficacy of postgraduate female students at Umm Al- Qura University Smart Elevators Manchester Metropolitan University ‘Living Architecture’– The impact of aged people and dementia friendly environments in users’ social and economic inclusiveness Liverpool John Moores University

Poster Presentations Sarah Lister, Pauline Palmer Maria Loroño-Leturiondo Using a pluriliteracies framework and Cognitive Discourse Functions (CDF) to explore the potential for developing learners mathematical understanding in a second language learning context You say tomato, I say tomato? Expert and non-expert perceptions of environmental hazards in the UK Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Babajide Milton Macaulay babajide.macaulay@ Walaa Mal walaa.mal@postgrad. Development of a novel deployment strategy for in-situ elemental studies: Arsenic mobilisation as a case study Altered islet architecture in congenital Hyperinsulinism in infancy Adam Marshall The Bristol Pound: a tool for eco-localisation? University of Manchester University of Manchester Manchester Metropolitan University Seikokotlelo Motlogelwa seikokotlelo.motlogelwa@ Kristina Newman Effects of knitted fabric parameters on functional sportswear for football Attitudes of adolescents with food allergies: A Systematic review Manchester Metropolitan University Aston University Thomas Robertson Thomas.robertson3@ Kahirul Anuar Saad SABRE: Fast and fluorinated–potential imaging agents of the future? Exploring the Implementation of Professional Learning Communities in Malaysian Schools Manchester Metropolitan University Liverpool John Moores University Ambily Sathish Caring for the caregivers: Exploring the experience of South Asian carers of people with dementia in the UK Manchester Metropolitan University Todd Shepherd Finite element modelling of auxetic materials for sports equipment applications Manchester Metropolitan University David Tate Nicolas Toussaint Cognitive behavioural social competence interventions for adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder without an intellectual disability: A Systematic PRISMA review Exploring morphogenetic engineering to manage selforganisation in socio-technical complex systems University of Salford Manchester Metropolitan University Lino Trinchini An Analysis of value creation in smart tourism destinations Manchester Metropolitan University Lorna Tweed Samuel Webb The role of peer support in facilitating mental health recovery within a physical activity intervention: The Perspectives of volunteers The Analysis of Neuroinflammatory Processes and Inferior Colliculi Size as an Indicator of Prebycusis in the Inferior Colliculus University of Northampton Manchester Metropolitan University

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