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Art Exhibitions and Installations Ann Barrass The overlooked: Using wandering and visual response to investigate everyday Northern life Leeds College of Art Lin Charlston Feeling like a plant Manchester Metropolitan University David Colton The Luckybag of Life: Can we appropriate William Burroughs’ aleatory cut-up techniques to gain insights into our personal lives? University of Wolverhampton Stacey Coughlin Stacey.coughlin2@ The Travelling briefcase: Totems of everyday spaces Manchester Metropolitan University Sean Crumlish Beautiful Braille: Connecting the dots between design and disability University of Huddersfield Ella Devu Dabysing SHEET I – Muddled. 2016 Manchester Metropolitan University Philippa Jackson philippa.jackson@ Allyson McAbee Women who wear male gendered clothing: responsive clothing developments for changing gendered social attitudes. Moving into modernism: Tibetan nomads within China’s development scheme Manchester Metropolitan University University of Manchester Alisa Read Victim or target? How can the Pendle witches be represented in a contemporary art practice? University of Huddersfield Howard Read The role of drawing in the regeneration of urban space Manchester Metropolitan University Paloma Yáñez Serrano Nosso Morro: Overcoming strangeness and picturing collaborative thought with young filmmakers in Rio de Janeiro University of Manchester

Abstracts – Oral Presentations A novel method for design drainage system in sustainable city Alaa Abbas, Felicite Ruddock, Rafid Alkhaddar, Glynn Rothwell and Robert Andoh The rapid expansion of urban areas and impermeable surfaces made the principles of design and set up of traditional drainage system what was considered a pollution control a century ago is no longer valid and the problems are likely to be exacerbated due to the impacts of climate change. Designers of new sewer systems must try to use the new technology available today to revisit traditional urban drainage management with an innovative outlook. This paper presents an innovative method to design and install new drainage system comply with 21 st century requirements (sustainability, protection of public health, and reduced cost). Experimental test conducted in the laboratory to install two pipes one over one (foul pipe in bottom and storm pipe in the top). A series of loaded have applied to figure out the behaviour of the new system when compared with a traditional method of laying separate sewer system. Results demonstrated that this approach, using one trench to sit both foul pipe and storm pipe, reduces initial cost, footprint and construction time of separate sewer system. This method has promised improved sewer drainage system performance for the next century as the new drainage system gathering the advantages of the combined sewer system and the separate sewer system in one system. “I don’t want to let myself down or the charity down”: Men’s Accounts of Using Various Interventions to Reduce Smoking & Alcohol Consumption Nigel Allmark Various studies have shown that a gender inequality exists when it comes to health. Men are less likely to engage in helpseeking behaviour and more likely to participate in unhealthy practices such as alcohol and tobacco consumption. Men’s health research has focused on how hegemonic masculinity is a barrier to men’s adoption of healthier lifestyles. Technological developments (mobile applications) and charitable fundraising campaigns have recently advanced and broadened the range of health interventions available for those seeking to abstain from alcohol and tobacco, some of which appear to be aimed at men. This qualitative study investigates men's constructions of health promotion interventions in relation to dominant masculine identities. Focus groups and interviews with twelve male university students were analysed using an eclectic approach informed by discursive psychology and Foucauldian discourse analysis. Findings suggest that interventions encouraging competition amongst friends were constructed as favourable by a large proportion of participants. Autonomy and control were also central to men’s accounts, with men describing that they did not want to be ‘told what to do’ by others. While men presented their behaviour change as intentional, their accounts revealed a tendency to conceal this from others, suggesting a negative influence of peer pressure. However, participants who had raised money for charity whilst abstaining described this process as rewarding and acting as a ‘buffer’ to legitimise their healthy behaviour when socialising with other men. Implications for health providers and policy makers are discussed in relation to two key issues. Firstly, how to help men to increase their uptake of healthy behaviours whilst retaining their masculine identity. Secondly, how to achieve this in a way that avoids reinforcing gender stereotypes yet also developing a targeted approach to this underrepresented group.

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