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A warm welcome to

A warm welcome to Manchester Metropolitan University and the 9 th Manchester Met Postgraduate Research Conference 2017 Research is all about making a difference. At Manchester Met, our researchers collaborate with businesses, social enterprises, public and academic bodies on a regional, national and international stage to create innovative solutions that have a positive and impactful change on people’s lives. The 9 th Manchester Met Postgraduate Research Conference aims to support, develop and showcase postgraduate researcher achievement. The conference presentations highlight how postgraduate researchers study and effect positive change in response to the challenges faced by modern society. These researchers are drawing upon innovative methodologies, collaborations, and strategies for impact. The conference provides a key opportunity for postgraduate researchers to exchange ideas, create collaborations and expand networks, whilst showcasing their research. Our conference keynotes and workshop further illustrate the transformative power of research. Our first keynote speaker, Dr Sam Illingworth, will present a case study of how science and poetry, two disciplines which are often seen as being mutually exclusive, can be used in collaboration to communicate effectively with the wider society and act as a catalyst for change. Our second keynote speaker, Dr Aylwyn Walsh, in her keynote ‘The violence of change: Performing transformation’ will discuss how her research engages with, and impacts on, the lives of prisoners. In our conference workshop, Professor Philipp A. Rauschnabel and Professor Nina Krey will explore the links between discipline-based theories and the development of Augmented Reality to inspire interdisciplinary research projects, which transform business, consumers and society. This is an exciting and thought provoking programme and I should like to thank the postgraduate researcher presenters, keynote speakers and the workshop facilitators for their valuable contributions to the Conference. I should also like to thank the conference committee and staff in the Graduate School for their efforts in organising this event. Dr Catherine Mills Head of Graduate School and Student Case Management

Conference Committee Naheed Hanif Kristina Brubacher Marie Chollier Ella Cranmer Maddie Hickman Maarja Kaaristo Kaija-Luisa Kurik Sofia Persson Christine Smith Conference Chair – Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care Manchester Fashion Institute Department for Interdisciplinary Studies, MMU Cheshire School of Tourism, Events and Hospitality Management Graduate School School of Tourism, Events and Hospitality Management Manchester School of Art Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care Graduate School Reviewing Panel Niall Beard, Carrie Birkett, Kristina Brubacher, Marie Chollier, Ella Cranmer, R. K. Jayamali De Silva, Abdulmannan Fadel, Sarah Fox, Naheed Hanif, Maarja Kaaristo, Kaija-Luisa Kurik, Anna Leida Mölder, Sofia Persson, Thomas Robertson, Andreea Catalina Ros, Raniere Silva, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Zofija Tupikovskaja-Omovie Judging Panel Dr Kirstie Andrews, Dr Peter Goodwin, Dr Sam Illingworth, Dr Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem, Dr Myna Trustram, Amuda Agneswaran, Jennie Bailey, Saravjeet Kaur Bajwa, Kristina Brubacher, Marie Chollier, Ella Cranmer, Abdulmannan Fadel, Sarah Fox, Sara Han, Naheed Hanif, Maarja Kaaristo, Kaija-Luisa Kurik, John Lean, Lauren McNeill, Zofija Tupikovskaja- Omovie Session Chairs Amuda Agneswaran, Jennie Bailey, Carrie Birkett, Kristina Brubacher, Marie Chollier, Ella Cranmer, Charles Dahwa, Sarah Fox, Maarja Kaaristo, Maria Loroño-Leturiondo, Anna Leida Mölder, Elliot Owen, Sofia Persson, Zofija Tupikovskaja- Omovie Acknowledgements We would like to thank Prof Carol Haigh, Dr Thomas Allen, Dr Emma Bentley, Stephanie Barker, Mikey Goodwin, Jean Kelly and Tony Miles for their support and guidance and all the volunteers for their help at the conference day. Join the conversation! #MMUPGC17

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