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Keynote Speakers Dr Sam Illingworth Changing lives through science Science and poetry are two disciplines, which are often seen as being mutually exclusive, and yet have many things in common, ranging from their use of metaphor to their application of process. Unfortunately, another thing that these two disciplines have in common is that they can sometimes be perceived as elitist, shutting out those members of society who are not au fait with their intricacies, and yet who would arguably benefit most from their potential impact. In this keynote lecture, Dr Illingworth will discuss how science and poetry can potentially be used in collaboration to communicate research findings to a wider audience. As a scientist and a poet, his research is looking at how the two disciplines can collaborate to produce new knowledge and understanding, and how this can be used to better communicate with the wider society. The keynote speech will encompass the performance of a selection of his own poetry, which can be read here: Dr Aylwyn Walsh Sam Illingworth is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University, where his current research involves looking at ways in which science can be used to empower society. After his PhD in Atmospheric Physics at the University of Leicester (following an MPhys in Physics with Space Science and Technology at the same institute), Sam spent two years in Japan as a Scholar of the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, where he taught Effective Communication at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Following his stint in Japan, Sam took up a postdoc position in the Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Manchester, where he used satellites, aircraft and drones to infer information about greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. In his current position he is the Programme Leader for the new MSc in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan, where he also investigates the relationship between science and poetry. You can find out more about him at his website: The violence of change: performing transformation Dealing with the intersections of performance studies and criminology, Dr Walsh takes a look at how ‘change’ becomes an institutionalised performance indicator in the context of prisoners’ sentence plans. Using Diana Taylor’s formulation of archive and the repertoire, the keynote speech will trace how research can engage with how culture and institutions frame narratives of transformation and change. The speech moves through examples from a decade of creative practice in prisons and community contexts internationally. Aylwyn Walsh is programme leader of the MA in Applied Theatre & Intervention at University of Leeds’ School of Performance and Cultural Industries. Prior to this, she was senior lecturer at the University of Lincoln’s School of Fine and Performing Arts where she headed up the Practice as Research cross-disciplinary group. She has recently worked on the Arts of Logistics about the politics and poetics of infrastructures, counter-logistics and mobility. Her current project relates to Prison Cultures, mapping performance, resistance and desire in women’s prisons. Some of her publications have been on arts and migration in Performances of Crisis, Capitalism and Resistance and Theory in Action; about protest in Qualitative Inquiry; Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies; Journal of Arts and Communities. She has also published about arts and health Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance as well as on prisons and performance in Crime, Media, Culture; Contemporary Theatre Review. Aylwyn was co-editor of Remapping ‘Crisis’: A Guide to Athens (Zero Books, 2014). She has worked as a director and lead facilitator in the cultural industries in South Africa and the UK and has presented performances across Europe and in the USA and Brazil, Zambia and South Africa.

Workshop Changing Realities and Changing Lives: How Augmented Reality Transforms Businesses, Consumers, and Society as a Whole Prof Philipp A. Rauschnabel (University of Michigan-Dearborn) and Prof Nina Krey (Rowan University) Social media and mobile technologies have become an integral part of everyday life as a first step of interconnecting the ‘real’ world and virtual reality. For example, we ‘check in’ at our holiday destination and ‘tag’ the friends that surround us. These examples reveal how easily these two worlds overlap for individuals and consumers. Recent technological advances go even further and integrate virtual 3D Holograms in our perception of the real world as part of Augmented Reality. While market research consistently predicts very promising forecasts of this ground-breaking development, we still know very little about it. In this workshop, we synthesize what we know and do not know about Augmented Reality. Furthermore, we will explore how theories from various disciplines can improve our understanding and research of Augmented Reality. Thus, the overall objective of this workshop is to inspire interdisciplinary research projects. Professor Philipp A. Rauschnabel Philipp A. Rauschnabel is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Michigan-Dearborn (USA). He has more than 70 contributions to peer-reviewed journals, conferences, edited books, and managerially focused outlets. His research interests include contemporary issues in wearable technologies, new media (such as Augmented Reality) and branding. He is also involved in various industry projects on these topics. Philipp has international teaching experience in America, Europe and Asia and he has received numerous teaching awards. He is the founder of, the largest social media community for marketing academics and the new Editor-in-Chief at International Journal of Technology Marketing. Professor Nina Krey Nina Krey is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Rowan University (USA). She has published and presented her research in numerous peer-reviewed journals and conferences, including the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Advertising, Academy of Marketing Science, and American Marketing Association. Her research interests include sensation and perception in value-added consumption experiences, contemporary issues in wearable technologies, and multi-method research approaches. Nina has participated in several industry and government projects beyond academia. She currently serves as an Officer for the Academy of Marketing Science, as the Managing Editor for the AMSQ Newsletter, and as a Board of Governor for the Harold and Muriel Berkman Foundation.

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