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Zimbra Suite Plus | Backup Plus 100% environment independent Backup Plus can restore data on any operating system and architecture supported by Zimbra and does so regardless of the source and destination servers’ OS, architecture and Zimbra version. Smart storage By using atomic write algorithms, all data saved in the backup store will always remain 100% consistent and can be moved onto storage media like tape devices and optical disks even when the backup system is running. Quick disaster response Backup Plus is designed to get you back on-line ASAP after a disaster. Either a live backup folder or an external backup can be used to restore, and all accounts are available within minutes while restoring the data. Self-consistent snapshots Over and above the real-time backup engine, Backup Plus includes an “External Backup” feature that allows you to save self-consistent snapshots of the data in the Zimbra server to be stored on a remote location or tape drive for additional safety. COS-based backup exclusion Exclude expendable Classes of Service and/or user accounts that you won’t need to restore from the backup. This saves even more valuable disk space. Copyright © 2016 Zimbra. All rights reserved. 4

A new era has begun Preserve share consistency Restoring data with Backup Plus always preserves a share’s consistency, so you won’t need to reconfigure your shares after a restore or disaster recovery. Compressed backup store Backup Plus’ backup store is compressed and deduplicated. The average backup store will be 70% of the size of the current data contained in the server, making it very cost-effective. Save all, restore all All user data, user configuration, classes of service and domains are backed up and can be restored at will. 6 restore modes Six different restore options mean that you will always be able to recover what you need, from a single item to an entire domain. Copyright © 2016 Zimbra. All rights reserved. 5

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