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68 DEFINITION Ladle, spoon. PRONUNCIATION sháo 勺 SOUND WORD Shawnee Algonquian-speaking people native to North America. COMPONENTS 勹 to WRAP 67 + 丶 DROP 3 MNEMONICS Measuring spoon. Since a ladle can be used to measure a volume of liquid, we also call this character a measuring spoon. STORY The Shawnee needed no ladle to eat his soup. He just WRAPPED every DROP with his fingers. EXAMPLES 勺 子 (sháo zi) Scoop, ladle. 茶 勺 儿 (chá sháo ér) Teaspoon. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Bottom third. 94 九 十 四

69A DEFINITION Of. PRONUNCIATION de 的 SOUND WORD Well, duh! Expression to show that something just said is already known or is obvious. COMPONENTS MNEMONICS 白 WHITE 45 + 勺 MEASURING SPOON68 LADLE • This character has many grammatical functions and one of its important roles is to be used as a possessive article. Just think of the French ‘de’ used to mark possession. The Chinese ‘de’ works basically the same. For example, 王 的 书 means ‘Wang’s book’ or ‘The book of Wang.’ In French, it is written ‘Le livre de Wang.’ The same de is found here and it sounds almost the same too! STORY “Excuse me, this WHITE plastic MEASURING SPOON belongs to whom?” “Oh, I guess this is the MEASURING SPOON of me, because I hold it in my hand.” “Well, duh!” EXAMPLES 我 的 书 (wō de shū) My book. 什 么 的 (shén me de) And whatnot. WANT A LITTLE MORE? This is the most frequent Chinese character and you will see it everywhere. 九 十 五 95

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