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69B DEFINITION In reality. PRONUNCIATION dí 的 SOUND WORD Deejay Disc jockey COMPONENTS STORY 白 WHITE 45 + 勺 MEASURING SPOON68 LADLE “This deejay has not had an easy life. He’s always been poor. He certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth…” “In reality, I heard he was born with a WHITE MEASURING SPOON in his mouth, that was used to give him his medication. As a baby, he was always sick!” EXAMPLES 的 确 (dí què) Certainly, surely. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This character carries the above meaning and pronunciation almost exclusively in the expression 的 确 given in the example. • Usage frequency: Top third. 96 九 十 六

69C DEFINITION Target, aim, bull'seye. PRONUNCIATION dì SOUND WORD 的 Caddie A person who carries clubs for a golfer on the golf course. COMPONENTS STORY 白 WHITE 45 + 勺 MEASURING SPOON68 LADLE A caddie to his client, who is a newbie at the game, before a match: “I just want to test your level of chipping before the game. I have placed on the fairway a little WHITE MEASURING SPOON measuring 4.25 inches in length at a distance of 20 yards, to be used as a sort of bull’s eye, and I’d like you to get as close as possible to that target with your wedge.” “But this is way too small!” says the golfer. “How big do you think a golf hole is?” replies the caddie. EXAMPLES 目 的 (mù dì) Purpose, aim, objective. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Top third. 九 十 七 97

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