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72 DEFINITION † A right hand holding a tool. Now a noncharacter used only as a building block. PRONUNCIATION Not applicable SOUND WORD Not applicable MNEMONICS To hold a pen in hand. This building block looks like a deformed 又 RIGHT HAND 71 . Since the ancient meaning was a right hand holding a tool, we make that tool a pen in this book. 100 一 百

73 DEFINITION Hand. PRONUNCIATION shǒu 手 SOUND WORD Showstopper MNEMONICS • This is a stylistic picture of a hand (ancient form: ). You can view this character as the lines on the palm of one hand. • When used as a building block, it is most often written 扌 on the left side of a character. STORY My friends and I are all excited, waiting in line to enter the stadium for a free concert given by our favorite rock band. The queue is long and we progress slowly. When it’s our turn to enter, the security agent puts his hand in our face and says, “Sorry, the stadium is full. No one else can enter.” My friend yells: “What a showstopper this guy is!” EXAMPLES 动 手 (dòng shǒu) To act. 手 指 (shǒu zhǐ) finger. 握 手 (wò shǒu) To shake hands. 洗 手 (xǐ shǒu) To wash one’s hands. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • Most characters built with the hand building block have something to do with movement and action. • This is the 64 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 一 百 〇 一 101

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