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74 DEFINITION Two hands.

74 DEFINITION Two hands. PRONUNCIATION gǒng 廾 MNEMONICS SOUND WORD Gongoozler Someone who observes things idly, like the passage or unloading of boats. • A picture of two joined hands held up to present something. Ancient form: . • Imagine a gongoozler of Italian descent who joins and holds up his two hands in front of his chest to explain to the captain that he is not unloading its cargo the proper way. WANT A LITTLE MORE? This is the 55 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. 102 一 百 〇 二

75 DEFINITION To stop. † Footprint. PRONUNCIATION zhǐ SOUND WORD Jerrycan 止 MNEMONICS • This character originally depicted a left footprint ( ), with the heel at the bottom and the toes sticking out at the top. It came to mean ‘to stop, halt.’ • It may help, as a mnemonic, to see the new form as a policeman putting his hand out to stop the traffic (the right side of the character) so that a child can cross the road (the shorter vertical line on the left). See story. • It may also be written when used as a building block. STORY A traffic policeman walks quickly to meet a child wanting to cross the street when his left foot is stopped by the collision with a full jerrycan he did not see resting on the ground, making him fall hard. After picking himself up, he kicks the jerrycan with anger with his left foot, leaving a big footprint on it. EXAMPLES 停 止 (tíng zhǐ) To stop. 不 止 (bù zhǐ) Not be limited to. 止 境 (zhǐ jìng) Limit. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the 77th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top third. 一 百 〇 三 103

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