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CHINESE BLOCKBUSTER Mian For this sound, in the second and third tones, a new fictitious word has emerged: Mi-aine. ‘Aine’ in French means ‘groin.’ Mi-aine would then translate to mid-groin. Just try not to use it to show off your French, because this expression has been made up just for this book. Mi-aine slip /miɛn slip/ Second tone: Woman’s underwear. A mi-aine slip is a woman's underwear that ends at the groin… Mi-aine injury /miɛn ɪndʒri/ Third tone: Pain in the mid-groin (mi-aine) region due to an injury. 112 一 百 一 十 二

APPENDIX 2: SPECIAL SOUND MNEMONICS Qian To introduce a needed ‘t’ sound at the beginning of the sound word, two prefix expressions are used: ‘Nothing but’ or the French adjective ‘petite’ (small, little). The sound word is preceded by a superscript t to remind you of this. tChienne /t’ʃjɛn/ First tone: Chienne is a French word for ‘female dog.’ Think of the phrase, ‘Nothing but chienne’: ‘nothing but female dogs’ or ‘petite chienne’: ‘little female dog.’ tCheyenne Second tone: Think of the phrase, ‘Nothing but Cheyenne.’ When the word Cheyenne appears by itself, just automatically add a ‘t’ in front when you pronounce it in your mind. tCheyenne horses Third tone: Think of the expression, ‘nothing but Cheyenne horses.’ Picture horses ridden and used so well by the Cheyenne when they were introduced to them around 1730. 一 百 一 十 三 113

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