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1 DEFINITION † Communication from top to bottom. (The symbol † indicates that this definition is ancient and obsolete) PRONUNCIATION gǔn SOUND WORD 丨 Goon skirmish (The sound word counts more than two syllables, with the sound part at the beginning, to represent a third tone) MNEMONICS • Stick, walking stick, pole, because of its shape. (The values stick, walking stick and pole are underscored with a dotted line, to indicate that these are fictitious meanings that will be carried over when this character is used as a building block) • Think of a goon skirmish with sticks. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • When people want to refer to this building block as the vertical calligraphic stroke used for writing characters, they call it shù. • This is the 2 nd of the 214 Kangxi radicals. 二 十 五 25

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