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10 DEFINITION † Private, selfish. (Although the definition of private is obsolete, it will still be used as a building block value) PRONUNCIATION sī SOUND WORD ㄙ Sssssss The sound of a rattle snake or of a person hissing. (The sound word counts one syllable, to represent a first tone) MNEMONICS • Nose. View the character as a nose seen sideways, and remember that private is the contrary of ‘nosy.’ • Elbow. Picture the character as a bent elbow, doing curls with a dumbbell. The repeated motion excites a rattle snake (sssssss) nearby. • It can also appear reversed, like this: 龴 , when used as a building block. This is a good type of curls for the triceps… WANT A LITTLE MORE? This is the 28 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. 32 三 十 二

11 DEFINITION Cover, top cover; to cover. PRONUNCIATION mì SOUND WORD 冖 Mummy (The sound part is at the end of the sound word, to represent a fourth tone) MNEMONICS • Hat, crown; tablecloth, cloth roof, lid. This building block covers only the top or a small portion of a character to which it belongs, hence the meaning of top cover. o Something that covers only the top of the head, like a hat or a crown. o Something that covers the top of an object, like a tablecloth, a cloth roof, a lid. • Picture a mummy wearing a crown (King Tut?). WANT A LITTLE MORE? This is the 14 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. 三 十 三 33

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