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12 DEFINITION Cover, long cover; to cover. † Outermost suburbs, uninhabited areas far outside the city. PRONUNCIATION jiōng SOUND WORD 冂 jThe ONG The OverNight Guest, pronounced as one syllable. (Note the superscript ‘j’ at the beginning of the sound word and see ‘Special sound mnemonics,’ page 111) MNEMONICS Mask, hood; shelter, cage, glass bell. Like the building block 冖 , this one also means to cover. However, because it covers the building blocks of a character all the way to the bottom, it has the meaning of long cover. • Something which conceals the whole head or face of a person, like a mask or the hood of a coat. • All sorts of long covers of various sizes that reach the ground, like a shelter, a cage, a glass bell. STORY “Dirty as he was, there was no way I would allow the ONG to sleep here, under my bed covers. I recommended that he sleeps under a bus shelter, far outside the city.” WANT A LITTLE MORE? This is the 13 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. 34 三 十 四

13 DEFINITION Second. † Fish gut. PRONUNCIATION yǐ SOUND WORD 乙 Hippopotame /ipɔpɔtam/ French word for ‘hippopotamus.’ The ‘h’ is silent. MNEMONICS • To better remember its actual meaning of second, view it as a stylized number 2. • Hook, fishhook; to be hooked. When used as a building block, all the variants of this character ( 乚 and レ) look like a hook or a fishhook. It also carries the fictitious meaning of ‘to be hooked’ by extension. STORY Fishing in an African river, my second catch was a hippopotame, found dangling at the end of my fishhook… EXAMPLES 乙 等 (yǐ děng) Second grade. 乙 肝 (yǐ gān) Hepatitis B. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the 5th of the 214 Kangxi radicals and the 2nd heavenly stem (See Appendix 4: Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches on page 123.) • Usage frequency: Top third. 三 十 五 35

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