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18B DEFINITION Edible roots: carrots, turnips and radishes. PRONUNCIATION bo SOUND WORD 卜 Hobo A person who has no place to live and no money and who travels to many different places. (This character, with this definition, is pronounced in the neutral tone. Neutral tone characters use fourth-tone sound words) COMPONENTS STORY 卜 DIVINING ROD18A to PREDICT A hobo is hungry and uses a DIVINING ROD at night to detect the presence of edible roots in various house gardens of the city. EXAMPLES 萝 卜 (luó bo) Radish, turnip. 红 萝 卜 (hóng luó bo) Carrot. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Bottom third. 42 四 十 二

19 DEFINITION 1. King. 2. Surname. PRONUNCIATION wáng SOUND WORD 王 Wangler As in Wrangler jeans, but pronounced by someone with a strong Asian accent. MNEMONICS • This character is a pictogram of a king, with the three strokes representing the heaven, the humanity and the earth, joined by a vertical stroke. Hence, the king, who connects heaven, earth and man. • Zipper. Let’s add a memorable meaning and sometimes take this as the picture of a zipper. STORY In the old days, the king was the only person allowed to wear Wangler jeans. Here, we have the proof: the zipper of a decomposed pair of jeans discovered lately in the tomb of an old king… EXAMPLES 王 国 (wáng guó) Kingdom. 王 室 (wáng shì) Royalty. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the most frequent Chinese surname ( 王 先 生 : Mr. Wang). • Usage frequency: Top 500. 四 十 三 43

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