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20 DEFINITION 1. Master,

20 DEFINITION 1. Master, owner, lord, God. 2. Main, principal. PRONUNCIATION zhǔ SOUND WORD 主 Judeo-Christian Term used to represent the common beliefs of Christianity and Judaism. COMPONENTS 丶 DROP 3 + 王 KING 19 MNEMONICS The ancient form, , depicted a candle with flames rising above it, not unlike a lord rising above his subjects. STORY A momentous event in the history of France is when the first French KING, Clovis, was baptized on Christmas Day of the year 496 by having DROPS of water poured on his head to join the ranks of Judeo-Christians and believe, from that point on, in only one master, one lord, one God. EXAMPLES 1. 主 任 (zhǔ rèn) Director, master, host. 主 权 (zhǔ quán) Sovereignty. 天 主 (tiān zhǔ) God (Catholicism). 2. 主 旨 (zhǔ zhǐ) Main point. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Top 100. 44 四 十 四

21 DEFINITION Jade. PRONUNCIATION yù 玉 SOUND WORD Bahut /ba-y/ French word for ‘sideboard’, ‘buffet’. COMPONENTS 王 ZIPPER 19 KING + 丶 DROP 3 MNEMONICS The KING is so rich that he can afford to wear a precious jade on his ZIPPER. STORY During special ceremonies, the KING used to wear a special pair of pants with a ZIPPER equipped with a pull tab (the DROP) made of jade. When not in use, the pants were securely stowed away in the royal bahut. EXAMPLES 宝 玉 (bǎo yù) Precious jade. 玉 器 (yù qì) Jadeware. 玉 米 (yù mǐ) Maize, corn (literally ‘jade rice’). WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the 96 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top third. 四 十 五 45

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