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22 DEFINITION 1. To enter, join. 2. To receive; income. 3. To conform with, agree with. 入 PRONUNCIATION rù SOUND WORD Kangaroo MNEMONICS This is the picture of a man extending his right leg to enter an area. STORY “Look at this funny guy, trying to enter the pouch of a kangaroo!” “Yes, but I think he is about to receive a punch in the face from the marsupial!” “I agree with you!” EXAMPLES 1. 进 入 (jìn rù) To enter, get into. 2. 收 入 (shōu rù) Income. 3. 入 时 (rù shí) Fashionable. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the 11 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 46 四 十 六

23 DEFINITION Person, man, people. PRONUNCIATION rén 人 SOUND WORD Rent me MNEMONICS • This is the picture of a walking person. The ancient form, , looks like the letter R, which may help you remember its pronunciation. • Handyman. To avoid confusion with all the persons appearing in the stories, it may help to imagine a special somebody who stands for that character. In the stories, such a man comes handy at times, someone who is willing to rent his services: a handyman. You may think of someone you know, like a man who is always there when you expect him the least, a know-it-all, a boastful, overzealous individual who sometimes gets on your nerves or who is bound to do stupid things, like the handyman here. Then, think of him when a person or a man of that nature is called for in the story. • In most cases, it is written as 亻 on the left side of a character. STORY The handyman is so eager to help other persons that he walks in the streets wearing a sign around his neck that says, Rent me! EXAMPLES 男 人 (nán rén) Man. 女 人 (nǚ rén) Woman. 个 人 (gè rén) Individual person. 人 民 (rén mín) The people. 四 十 七 47

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