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WANT A LITTLE MORE? • It is used as a building block in some 340 characters. • Learn to distinguish it from 入 ENTER 22 , where the right stroke is longer than the left. • This is the 9 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • It is one of the top ten characters in frequency of use. 48 四 十 八

24 DEFINITION Interior; inside, inner, internal, within. 内 [ 內 ] PRONUNCIATION nèi SOUND WORD Prigione /pridʒone/ Italian word for ‘prison.’ SIMPLIFIED COMPONENTS TRADITIONAL 人 MAN 23 + 冂 CAGE12 LONG COVER COMPONENTS [ 入 to ENTER 22 + CAGE] MNEMONICS A MAN inside or ENTERING a CAGE. STORY In an Italian family, the father talks to his children: “My dear children, for the next two years, for a trifle matter, your papa will live inside and stay in the interior of a big CAGE with other MEN.” [His wife interrupts him: “Stop beating around the bush!” Turning towards her children, she says, “Your dad will ENTER a state prigione today!”] EXAMPLES 内 部 (nèi bù) Inside, internal, interior. 内 战 (nèi zhàn) Civil war. 内 脏 (nèi zàng) Internal organs. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • Note the subtle difference between the simplified and the traditional character. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 四 十 九 49

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