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29 DEFINITION Dog. PRONUNCIATION quǎn 犬 SOUND WORD Tuant /tyɑ̃/ French verb for ‘killing,’ by aiming horizontally. (See ‘Special sound mnemonics,’ page 114) COMPONENTS 大 BIG 27 + 丶 BULLET 3 DROP MNEMONICS • Pit bull, wild dog. For this book, let’s consider the pit bull like some sort of ferocious wild dog (even though the jury is still out on whether pit bulls are dangerous dogs). Therefore, the BIG building block here does not stand for a gentle Great Dane but rather for a BIG bad dog. • In the story, the DROP building block stands for a BULLET, a very small thing indeed. It will help you tell the difference between a gentle dog and a fierce dog. • This character is often written 犭 when used as a building block. STORY A BIG pit bull just attacked a man who was armed. The man pulled out his gun, aimed horizontally and shot a BULLET in the dog’s head, tuant doggie instantly. EXAMPLES 獒 犬 (áo quǎn) Fierce dog. 警 犬 (jǐng quǎn) Police dog. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the 94th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Middle third. 54 五 十 四

30 DEFINITION 1. Excessively, extremely, too. 2. Married woman, wife. PRONUNCIATION tài SOUND WORD 太 Entaille /ɑ̃taj/ French word for ‘notch,’ ‘gash’ made in an object, or a ‘tap hole’ in a maple tree to gather the maple water. COMPONENTS 大 GREAT DANE 27 BIG + 丶 GASH 3 DROP MNEMONICS • You take the 大 BIG 27 character, to which you add a stroke below its left leg, making it excessively big. • In the story, GREAT DANE substitutes for BIG 27 and GASH (another small thing) substitutes for DROP 3 . The position of the DROP building block in the character may remind someone of a GASH made in a pair of pants. STORY “Your wife’s GREAT DANE is excessively excited and the last time I saw him, he jumped on me and left a big GASH, an entaille in my pants!” EXAMPLES 1. 太 大 了 (tài dà le) Too big. 太 多 了 (tài duō le) Too much. 太 阳 (tài yáng) Sun. 2. 太 太 (tài tài) Wife, Mrs. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • Not to be confused with the character for 犬 DOG 29 . The position of the DROP building block makes a world of difference. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 五 十 五 55

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