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33 DEFINITION Husband,

33 DEFINITION Husband, man. PRONUNCIATION fū 夫 MNEMONICS SOUND WORD Fool COMPONENTS 一 ONE 15 + 大 BIG 27 This is the picture of a grown man. In ancient China, grown men and officials used to wear their hair held up by a pin (ancient form: ), which is represented by the first stroke, the ONE building block in this character. STORY Her husband had just been promoted to a management position in a Chinese company. The following morning, she saw him leave for work with ONE BIG pin in his hair. “Where are you going with your hair like that?” “I am a man of power now. I need to show my employees who’s the boss!” After a moment, she said, “Please, don’t make a fool of yourself!” EXAMPLES 丈 夫 (zhàng fū) Husband. 大 夫 (dà fū) Senior official. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This character is formed with the same components as the character 天 HEAVEN 31 . However, the ONE building block is not at the top of BIG but slightly lower, traversing its top part. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 58 五 十 八

34 DEFINITION Non-character used only as a building block. PRONUNCIATION Not applicable SOUND WORD Not applicable MNEMONICS Telephone pole. A variant of this building block is written , with an extra hook on the left. In that case, it represents either the transformer (the cylinder shown on the drawing) or something/somebody hanging from the telephone pole in the stories. 五 十 九 59

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