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35 DEFINITION 1. Cow, ox, bull. 2. Awesome (slang). PRONUNCIATION niú SOUND WORD 牛 Neopharm A fictitious corporation doing genetic research on farm animals. MNEMONICS • This is a pictogram of a cow, with a spine in the middle and horns on top. Ancient form: . • Although it is probably better to learn the character as a whole, some of you may prefer to decompose it into 丶 DROP 3 + TELEPHONE POLE 34 and then picture a cow (the DROP) not wanting to be milked and trying to escape by climbing a TELEPHONE POLE… • This character is written ⺧ or 牜 when used as a building block. STORY “The Neopharm corporation is doing genetic research on cows to improve their daily milk production.” “But, this is awesome!” EXAMPLES 1. 牛 奶 (niú nǎi) Cow's milk. 放 牛 (fàng niú) To herd cattle. 2. 你 真 牛 (nǐ zhēn niú) You’re awesome! WANT A LITTLE MORE? • Learn to distinguish from the variant for TELEPHONE POLE 34 . The hook is not located on the same horizontal line. • This is the 93 rd of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top third. 60 六 十

36 DEFINITION 1. Horse. 2. Surname. 马 [ 馬 ] PRONUNCIATION mǎ SOUND WORD Marathon It is about horse marathons in this book… MNEMONICS This is the picture of a horse. Ancient form: . STORY At the end of the Boston Horse Marathon this year, the winner of the race fell from his horse and laid on the ground, extenuated and panting, while his horse looked at him with a strange look that seemed to say, “Yeah right, you’re the one doing the hard work around here!” EXAMPLES 骑 马 (qí mǎ) To ride a horse. 马 上 (mǎ shàng) At once, right away. 马 路 (mǎ lù) Road, street. 马 车 (mǎ chē) Horse-drawn cart. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • It ranks amongst the top 100 Chinese surnames. • This is the 187 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 六 十 一 61

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