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37 DEFINITION 1. Sheep.

37 DEFINITION 1. Sheep. 2. Surname. PRONUNCIATION yáng SOUND WORD 羊 Yankee Let’s picture an American farmer from the North. MNEMONICS • This is a picture of a sheep head, with the horns at the top. Ancient form: . • Running sheep, jumping sheep. This character may also appear bent sideways, like this: when used as a building block. In that case, it will mean a sheep in motion, i.e. a running sheep or a jumping sheep. • The tail may also be missing when this character is used as a building block, STORY appearing like this: . “Look at this Yankee! He calls himself a cowboy but he raises only sheep!” EXAMPLES 1 放 羊 (fàng yáng) To herd sheep. 羊 毛 (yáng máo) Wool. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the 123rd of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top third. 62 六 十 二

38 DEFINITION Boar, pig, sow, hog, swine. PRONUNCIATION shǐ SOUND WORD 豕 Shish kebab Pieces of meat and vegetables pushed on a skewer and cooked on a grill. MNEMONICS This is a pictogram of a boar. Ancient form: . STORY “For me, boar or pig meat makes the best shish kebabs.” EXAMPLES 豕 牢 (shǐ láo) Pigsty, pigpen. 夜 豕 (yě shǐ) Wild boar. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the 152 nd of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Bottom third. 六 十 三 63

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