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39 DEFINITION † Pig snout. PRONUNCIATION jì 彐 MNEMONICS SOUND WORD Fiji The Fiji Islands. A paradise which comprises an archipelago of small islands northeast of New Zealand. • This character looks like a pig snout, seen from the side. Although the meaning of pig snout is obsolete, it is still used in this book when this character serves as a building block. • Broom head, hand broom. It may also represent the head of a regular broom. Therefore, a broom head or a hand broom, made with the bristles of a pig snout. • The variant 彑 is also seen in some traditional characters. STORY In Fiji, they still make broom heads with the bristles of pig snouts. WANT A LITTLE MORE? This is the 58 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. 64 六 十 四

40 DEFINITION Blade of grass, sprout. PRONUNCIATION chè SOUND WORD 屮 Satchel A small bag with a strap that is carried over the shoulder. MNEMONICS • This is a pictogram of a blade of grass, of a sprout. • Pitchfork. It also stands for a pitchfork in this book because of its shape and its function as a tool to pick up dried blades of grass or hay. • This character sometimes appears sideways, like this: . Not to be confused with 彐 PIG SNOUT 39 . Also, the bottom stem of this character may appear STORY bent to the left or to the right, like this: . “I was picking up blades of grass with a pitchfork when I discovered under the pile a satchel full of hay (money)!” WANT A LITTLE MORE? This is the 45 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. 六 十 五 65

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