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41 DEFINITION 1. Mouth.

41 DEFINITION 1. Mouth. 2. All sorts of openings or orifices, like a window, a door or an empty space that you can go through. 3. Measure word for people, for objects with an opening, for mouthfuls. 口 PRONUNCIATION kǒu SOUND WORD Coca-Cola MNEMONICS This character looks the part, i.e. like an open mouth. STORY A young guy pours the content of a Coca-Cola bottle in his mouth. EXAMPLES 1. 开 口 (kāi kǒu) To open one's mouth. 可 口 可 乐 (kě kǒu kě lè) Coca-Cola. 2. 瓶 口 (píng kǒu) Mouth, orifice of a bottle. 门 口 (mén kǒu) Doorway. 山 口 (shān kǒu) Mountain pass. 3. 四 口 人 (sì kǒu rén) Four persons. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the 30 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 66 六 十 六

42 DEFINITION Enclosure; to confine, frame, encircle, surround, enclose. PRONUNCIATION wéi SOUND WORD Weight bar 囗 MNEMONICS • This represents a big frame that encircles or contains other building blocks. • A weight bar is always framed by weights at both extremities. • You can also view this character as the transversal cut of a square weight bar. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • An important difference with the similar-looking character 口 for MOUTH 41 is that this character can contain or encircle other building blocks while the character for mouth does not. • This is the 31 st of the 214 Kangxi radicals. 六 十 七 67