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43 DEFINITION Sun; day.

43 DEFINITION Sun; day. PRONUNCIATION rì 日 SOUND WORD Lavage /lavaʒ/ French word for the action of washing, namely clothes. MNEMONICS • Pictogram of the sun, with the middle line representing the concentrated energy in the center of the sun. Its ancient form was more rounded and written . • By extension, it also means day because the sun appears during the day. STORY “Today is Sunday and the sun is shining. I’m going to do the lavage as it is a good day for washing clothes.” EXAMPLES 日 光 (rì guāng) Sunlight. 日 本 (rì běn) Japan (literally ‘origin of the sun,’ i.e. East of China, where the sun is rising). 生 日 (shēng rì) Birthday. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • As a building block, this character often appears squished vertically and looks like the next character 曰 . • This is the 72 nd of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 68 六 十 八

44 DEFINITION To speak, say, talk (literary). PRONUNCIATION yuē SOUND WORD 曰 Eu E /y ə/ French expression, as in ‘Il a eu E’: ‘He’s got an E’ on his report card, pronounced as one syllable. (See ‘Special sound mnemonics,’ page 115) MNEMONICS Speaking mouth, because it looks like a tongue wiggling in the 口 MOUTH 41 . STORY “Because he let loose his speaking mouth and never stopped talking in class, his report card shows that ‘il a eu E’ for French and he’s got an E for behavior.” EXAMPLES 子 曰 (zǐ yuē) Confucius says… 故 曰 (gù yuē) This is why we say… WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This character is easily confused with the character 日 for SUN or DAY 43 . When both characters appear on their own, this one here is wider and less tall. • This is the 73 rd of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top third. 六 十 九 69

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